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Author Topic: How-to send photos (FREE!)  (Read 1781 times)

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How-to send photos (FREE!)
« on: May 31, 2006, 10:37:55 AM »

eMailing photos has limitations. You can't send more than a few unless you resize them drastically. And when you do, they cannot reasonably be printed by your recipient anymore!
Besides, often when you want to send photos (the product of an assignment, or a holiday), you want to send dozens. At least. Sometimes even hundreds. And since eMail is not an option, what do you do?
Here are a few options, all FREE:

1) you can upload single photos to 'service-websites' like or You'll get a URL for it that you can mail to your recipient, who can then go and download that pic when it suits them.
This method is not practical for more than a few photos.

2) however, if you're a pro and need a permanent system for uploading HUGE files (zipped photo archives, etc.) gigabytes in size if need be use 'FTP' (File Transfer Protocol).
So, what is 'FTP' (File Transfer Protocol)'?
Check Google about FTP for explanations.
Then goto, enter 'FTP' in the search field, choose your operating system and hit Enter. Download one or a couple of those apps, install, and away you go!

3) The easiest way for the rest of us to transfer HUGE files (zipped photo archives, etc.) is to use Very simple. FREE file transfer up to 100MB per file. If you register you can send up to 2GB per file!

if your connection is severed during one of those long uploads, don't despair. Simply re-establish your connection and click yousendit's upload window to reactivate the upload. Although that resumption may take up to 10 minutes, the upload WILL resume and pick up exactly where it left off.

No resizing neccessary! Lot of time saved! Max size photo files = max quality prints!

Have fun and good luck,

P.S. Zipping JPG's doesn't compress them any further, because JPG is a compressed state already. No gain there.
Making a zip-archive, however, can make sense, as it serves to group a number of photos together into one big file.

P.S.2 Want to make sure no 'others' can unzip your archive(s)? Zip it/them with a password!
(Set it in the preferences of your zip application).
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