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Author Topic: Used Optix XR, everything too blue now!  (Read 1823 times)


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Used Optix XR, everything too blue now!
« on: May 23, 2006, 12:48:56 PM »

I just got the Monaco Optix Pro and calibrated my CRT with it. For some reason the profile makes everything way too blue, as if it switched to 7800K or so.. But it's set to 6500K and I profiled it for 6500K. And average deltaE is about one according to the software. Not only that, but the loss in contrast and especially saturation is rather extreme.

I'm used to using my own software profiles which work very well with prints (spot on, basically). This is so far from prints it's not even funny. So I'm wondering if I got a dodgy puck or if there's something I can change. Returning it quickly for a new one to see if there is a difference is not an option since I got it from England. But I can send it in for warranty I assume.
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