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Author Topic: best all round mfd system  (Read 3160 times)

marc gerritsen

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best all round mfd system
« on: April 17, 2006, 04:42:19 PM »

What is the best all round MFD system?
I asked this question on the RG forum, but hey we all know that forum is dead.
One of the answers was that there is no all round system and that I have to be specific in what I want to use it for.
I shoot
- interior 60%
- architecture 15%
- studio (product and people) 15%
- land and city scape 10%

my issues in order of importance are
- ultra sharpness
- noise (need to be able to expose for at least 20 seconds)
- barrel distortion ( I know I can use software, but would rather not bother)
- dynamic range
- light in weight ( I would travel a lot with it)

if money was of no importance which 'one only' system would you advice me to look into,
some system that would not require upgrading for 5 years  (then I can at least warrant the expense)

your input is much appreciated



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best all round mfd system
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2006, 06:15:24 PM »

Hello Marc,
I'm going this direction,the expensive way!
H2 with 35,50,80 and 150mm lenses.
Aptus-75 for the capture device.
Alpa 12 WS with 24-35-47XL Apo Digitars.
The latter will be used for the high-end exteriors and exteriors.
O yes and a D2X for the smaller stuff!
The Canon system will  have to go.
N.B Brother can you spare me a dime?LOL
Willem Rethmeier
Sydney Australia
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