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Author Topic: Ghosts / Sun Spots?  (Read 3539 times)


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Ghosts / Sun Spots?
« on: February 21, 2006, 12:59:47 PM »

To make a long long story semi short.. My girlfriend and I decided to "Trespass" on some "Spiritual Grounds" this weekend in town. This place is called the Elfin Forest Spiritualist Center, and is littered with no tresspassing and private property signs.

To our suprise, we were able to get in the gate and it seemed very quiet and tranquil. Running water, odd rock formations, a meditation garden, etc.

We stumbled on some folks who were nice enough to talk with us for nearly an hour about living out there. They explained how most residents are mediums or psychics. They commented I had a colorful auro.. and went on to talk to us about how to practice things such as energy transfer. Not your typical photoshoot, heh.

A man said to use, he recommended we take pictures near the meditation garden, as the energy was highest there and spirits are commonly spotted there.

After I got home, I went through a couple hundred pictures I shot and found the following. My girlfriend also found one. All three were next to the meditation garden which this man recommended we take pictures of.

First one, the mist / haze is prominent in the top left.
Second picture is prominent in the bottom right, particularly near the plant.
The third is a picture my gf took, and the top left is where the haze is located in this one.

Amanda and I have never had problems with sun spots on exposures. We both are using Rebel XT's. I forgot what lense she had on, but we both had UV filters and I was on a 17-40 L

These pictures are unedited, just resized down. What do you all think? Sun Spots or spirits from beyond?
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