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Author Topic: Who makes best prints?  (Read 16980 times)


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Who makes best prints?
« Reply #20 on: April 24, 2006, 06:23:44 PM »

Sory Folks,
I didn't mean to drop another threadstopper!
On the otherhand maybe that wasn't a bad idea, although it was
not my intention.
There are lots of excellent printers around. Ansel can rest soundly.
And there are lots of us out here attempting to be better every day.
That's no mean feat either with the complexity and rate of change of the 21C technology.
Back in the old days of Metol and the rest, 40 or 50 tricks and you had the game wrapped up.
No longer. All the same it's lots of fun, and certainly keeps the brain stirred up.
Contributers to these threads help a lot too.
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Rather than a threadstopper Brian, perhaps a rather nice summary. From my limited experience it seems as if it is more often the process - of taking photographs, processing and communicating with others about the evolution of the image that speaks louder and is greater than the resultant image itself.
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