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 on: Today at 02:07:24 PM 
Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by Otto Phocus
Otto,  What you don't see is how often we do ban users either temporarily or permanently.  We hope that the Forum stays civil and we'll be watching it carefully. Chris send lots of PM to certain posters letting them know they step over the line.


But on the other hand, what I do see is the same people making the same personal attacks and nothing seems to happen to them.   It seems to be the same group of people that bring some of these threads down to an unacceptable level.

But taking action against a now paying customer is one of the more unpleasant aspects of this site "going pro" by charging people. Turning away money for the betterment of your other paying customers is a difficult problem to have to deal with. But I feel it is an important problem and one that may have a significant influence on maintaining your now paying customer base.

Best of luck on this.

 on: Today at 02:04:39 PM 
Started by lotusEsp - Last post by Joe Towner
Reconsider what you call upgrade-ability, as there are no new Hasselblad V mount bodies or lenses, but with the new CFV-50c or the IQ250/260/280, the V platform is very much alive and viable.   The advantage of the 645z is the lower initial cost with the latest CMOS chip.  It is weather sealed unlike any other line of medium format gear.  It comes down to what is a deal breaker for you when it comes to photography.  If strobes aren't part of what you'll be using, even the Contax stuff is viable, though more difficult to come by.

The Hasselblad H platform is great, as they're all newer lens designs, with better coatings, but are leaf shutter only.  The DF/DF+ body are evolutions of the much older Mamiya 645 bodies, while the XF is brand spanking new in every way and a huge leap forward.

The big investment in MF is in the backs - and while you can swap them around, most folks only have one.  Upgrading them is possible, but you'll most likely purchase a newer body with a newer back.  The investment in lenses is what you'd be looking to preserve, not an investment in the body.  For example, the XF doesn't work with P+ backs, so at some point more money will be involved.

32.8 mm x  43.8mm isn't a huge jump. That's just about 1.6-1.7 to full frame 35mm - so it's like the difference between APS-C and full frame.

Sure, it's different but not by much.

It's a lot different - plus you shift from a 2:3 to a 3:4 ratio.  How the 50mp Sony handles mid & high-iso is leaps beyond 35mm stuff (removing the A7s).

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Started by jeff_singer - Last post by jeff_singer
Thanks for all the replies.  Here are some answers to the questions.

- I do shoot film, but I use 6x7 cameras for that, so film isn't a concert (I've never ran a roll through my Contax 645).
- Continuous lights aren't really an option.  I like to use them on occasion, but since I'm using a CCD back, I don't like going below ISO 200 when possible so that typically will mean strobes.
- I like the Alpa cameras but I'm not a fan of Rangefinders.  Also, if I have to buy new lenses anyway I don't think it's much of a savings.  And, I don't really want to carry two kits.
- I'm not doing anything with super high speed photography, so I doubt I need more than 1/500th - 1/800th sync speed.  I just definitely need more than 1/90th.
- The lenses I use most:
80mm (80% of the time)
120mm Macro (10% of the time and I love the Contax 120mm)
55mm (5% of the time)
45mm (5% of the time)

Also, there has been a lot of mention of auto focus.  I never use AF.  I'm always manual.  BUT, if one (or both) has a great AF system that is more accurate than I've had with other systems (Contax and Canon) then I'd be open to start using it.  The main reason I've never used AF on the Contax is the center focus point.  I don't like to focus and recompose.  So the H5x having multiple focus points sounds appealing.

A big draw is the "all in one system" idea with a Phase camera and a Phase back.  I know the IQ180 isn't quite as "all in one" as the IQ380, but it's more of a "kit" than the H5x + IQ180.  But it's obviously not a deal breaker since I'm using what is far from a "all in one" system as it is now and have no problems.

This is a concern:
"Hasselblad has not offered any guarantee that the H4X/H5X will work well with the Phase One IQ or P+ digital backs, and it is therefore difficult for Phase One to recommend this as a viable solution."

Is this just Phase One spin or is it a real concern?

Thanks again!

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Started by David Edge - Last post by David Grover / Phase One
FWIW 8.3.4 doesn't cure it!


Have you still got meta data syncing turned off?

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Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by daws
Valid point Eduardo, a lot of the LL life-force comes from the Forums which is built with free, contributor generated content, but if they are locked behind that paywall, where are new members going to come from? I've been thinking about this, and looking at my own online habits. I have a bookmarked list of photographic sites I visit, LL is just one of many, all free. The editorial content is going to need a quantum boost. Maybe a content deal with Reid Reviews will be there to surprise us. Someone in this thread observed that new LL content used to as exciting as a new James Bond movie and that is true! But my reality is that I probably haven't read right through any LL editorial for a long time.

The paywall model where viewing is free but participation costs may keep the thing alive. The forums are a touch "clubby" as it is, and the proposed model may entrench that even more deeply with a shrunken pool. I've only just watched the video, and never seen the usually confident and smooth flowing MR & KR look so darn uncomfortable.

$12 a year is nothing to me and represents agreeable value, but this step is very high risk and that shows 3D in MR and KR's body language in the video. The LL content is fine but hardly gold-standard. The crunch will come at renewal time next year. Good luck guys, I sincerely hope your planned moves and upgrades are enough to pull this off.

That pretty much says it for me.

Here and on other sites, I rarely watch videos for instruction (professionally produced film documentaries and college lecture videos being the exception). The "data transfer rate" is simply too slow, the repeat-access too cumbersome. I prefer reading text and studying accompanying illustrations, in formats where the information can be accessed quickly and randomly, and text-based searches can be accomplished. Video blogs, or "articles" that consist of two guys sitting and talking about stuff, are a frustrating time-waster for me.

I respect the site's management decision and truly wish Michael and Kevin the very best.

 on: Today at 01:42:43 PM 
Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by pikme
I've been reading (though rarely participating in) this site and forums for a very long time.  At a time when most photography sites have gotten stale or the owners/writers seem to have lost interest, I think Kevin Raber has been a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm for this site.  In particular, Kevin's contribution has opened the site in subtle but important ways, as it somehow feels more inclusive now, less like a boys' club. Having said that, of course I have always liked and still much enjoy Michael's contributions, too.

And for the record, I actually like the workshop 'advertorials'.  They permit me to vicariously participate in trips that I could never afford.  I also like the toy shop videos, the blooper, the Fuji and Olympus camera videos, etc.  I like that fewer of the articles are gear oriented tests now, and more about the actual experience of photography. I am looking forward to an emphasis on prints.  My only complaint about content is that I want more of it - more from Michael and Kevin rather than guests, including more recaps (and photos from) both Kevin's and Michael's frequent trips.

I'm relieved that the price to join will only be $12 a year.  Making the site member supported does have risks, as each of us will be confronted each year with the question of whether we are getting value from the site.  In my own experience, whether that was newspapers, magazines, or paid review/photography sites, I've let all my memberships lapse over time.  As readers/supporters, it is inevitable that our standards become higher once we start paying, regardless of the actual cost.  We don't like being taken for granted and we don't like feeling like we are not the actual target audience, two situations e.g. where I might continue to come to a free site but will not continue to pay for a member site.

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Started by hasselbladfan - Last post by Jose Viegas
Do you shoot it without a lens on?

The 24-90 alone weights more than that pack, and closed measures as much as the 24-70 full extended.

 on: Today at 01:41:48 PM 
Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by amolitor
It's interesting how everyone seems to have their own list of people they despise, and are looking forward to seeing their hated enemies washed away by the righteousness of $12. This is promising to be a beautiful new chapter of togetherness.

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Started by Some Guy - Last post by TonyW
I managed to get it working after shutting off random services in Task Manager and trying the x-rite software.  :)
Great news  :D

The new computer has some gaming items it came with.  It has some secondary audio software (That provides some sound improvements to the Realtek WHQL audio driver.) called Nahimic that evidently causes the i1 Profiler software to freeze up and run very erratically.  So that had to go with Uninstall Programs as wel as uninstalling the Realtek audio driver.  Then reloading just the Realtek audio driver got the i1 Profile software to "sort of run" where it refused before.  I've also informed Nahimic of the matter as well.
Weird that an audio driver interfering with the X Rite app.  Good to know as my own system uses Realtek driver - but not the Nahimic

You are right about the AV matter which caused sundry freezes post the removal of the above.  It came with a 60 day Norton AV program (Trial version.). The Norton has something called SONAR which is actively scanning everything and it doesn't like X-rite at times. I disabled it in the Auto-Protect portion and it seemed to help too...The pre-loaded Norton AV it just doesn't like for whatever active scanning it does...
If you wish to continue with Norton then you should be able to exclude the X-Rite application (and any other) from being scanned from within the Norton dialogue

FWIW, there can be issues with laptops or PC's with integrated graphics where the installed monitor profile gets overlooked and a generic profile applied.  This occurs after the computer returns from hibernation mode or a UAC message.  I know that it could happen with Windows 7 but this may have been 'fixed' in later versions.  Hopefully this does not apply for you in Win 10. In any case the issue can be resolved with a little tweak or two

Thanks for your hints and tips on the i1Display

 on: Today at 01:30:02 PM 
Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by wtlloyd
Jeez, you guys sold out cheap! I woulda paid a lot more...say $2 a month!
In addition, very much looking forward to the "sweeping of the barnyard" effect this will provide.
Bye Bye, permanently disgruntled!

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