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 on: Today at 03:12:49 AM 
Started by ErikKaffehr - Last post by Jack Hogan
The next question is if the possible differences in colour rendition depend on image processing and weather those differences can be corrected by correct profiles or not.

Hi Erik,

I think Torger answered this question with a definite yes, with the usual cautionary qualifications.  I think I can see why: DNG profiles are designed to allow us to take any input and turn it into any output via double roundtrips to HVS with stopovers for additional PP (go wild with those sliders, Ken), although compared to a nice, pure linear matrix it seems at first glance to be a little bit like cheating.  This is where I wish we had a bit more clarity from the cognoscenti:

When the goal is trying to objectively characterize HARDWARE quantitatively, as opposed to subjectively achieving pleasing output qualitatively - answering questions that depend on CFA Spectral Sensitivity Functions like sensor gamut, color discrimination, separation, orthogonality - shouldn't we be able to calculate that information straight from the forward 'compromise' matrix?  Hasn't anyone come up with some practical such metrics yet, besides useless SMI?  When someone says 'that camera has poor yellow discrimination', shouldn't we be able to point to a ratio or other combination of terms in the compromise matrix and say yay or nay?  Please show the math in your answer.


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Started by Erland - Last post by Shiftworker
I would expect them both to have somewhat smeared corners on the Sony.

I wouldn't expect any corner problems with a 50mm focal length.

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Started by bellimages - Last post by BobShaw
I just store the hoods reversed on the lenses.
Also if the lens is on the camera then the lens hood is on, inside or outside. Better to smash the lens hood into a wall than the lens glass.

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Started by Go Go - Last post by Omnivorous
what is the price for lens? I am interested in lens only.

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Started by LesPalenik - Last post by Lundberg02
This must mean they are going to revise almost all of them.

 on: Today at 01:56:47 AM 
Started by torger - Last post by torger
I've announced this app in "digital cameras & shooting techniques" earlier, a section that noone reads :) . Anyway, I've just released an update which adds some further features and I think it has some extra relevance for medium format and other high res cameras so I make a post here too.

It's "Lumariver Depth of Field", a depth of field calculator running on both iOS and Android. In addition to normal depth of field it has a screen for tilting, and it also has a focus stacking feature. It's intended for full-sized scenes, typically landscape and architecture photography. There's no macro support at this time.

I the latest version I added a camera database with 80 cameras and 479 lenses, it's not feasible to have them all ever produced though so cameras and lenses can also be entered manually. In addition to the usual suspects (Hasselblad H & V, Phase One, Rodenstock, Schneider, Fujinon, Nikkor) it contains all ALPA lenses with exact effective focal length and nodal point separation, which means that the distance scale in the app matches the high precision focusing rings on the camera.

The user interface is optimized for one-hand operation on a mobile phone, but it's scalable so you can use it on a tablet too.

An intro and link to the full documentation is here:
A 90 sec intro video is here:

A couple of screenshots attached. I've made a lot of free software in my days, this is not one of them though -- it costs $9/9 in the stores. I use it myself with my Linhof Techno instead of my own table cards I've used earlier. I still have the cards with me though as a mobile phone doesn't have infinite battery time.

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Started by Patricia Sheley - Last post by DaveCurtis
Yes, it's great to see Jeff back. I have really enjoyed the recent print videos.

Great to have a refresher on soft proofing.

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Started by RSL - Last post by Slobodan Blagojevic
Then again, there must be a hand of man in every Russ' picture:

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Started by kuau - Last post by tonywong
+1 on the contact cleaning.

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Started by kikashi - Last post by tim wolcott
A couple more.  One from Monument valley and other from colorado.

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