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 on: Today at 09:40:38 AM 
Started by barryfitzgerald - Last post by tino tedaldi
...Well, I think there's a difference between seeing pictures on social media and electronic devices and looking at photographs in a gallery and a a book

  The instamatic (remember) never really stopped photographers using large format, but maybe it helped them to go to 35mm.Pus ca change etc etc

 Looking forward to using omd-5 mark 2   Smiley

 on: Today at 09:39:25 AM 
Started by Brian Hirschfeld - Last post by JV
The Sony sensor is a real heavy-hitter that doesn't compromise in resolution, DR nor high-ISO performance, so Leica has some proving to do if they wish to charge $25K for something other than brand name.

I am sure the Sony sensor is very good but for a lot of people other things like the photographic experience are just as important.

I have never used a Pentax 645Z, so I can't comment on that one, but in the 35mm and APS-C world the choice between Leica and Sony is, at least for me, an easy one, despite the sensor edge of Sony.

As always your mileage may vary.

Any sensor without a bayer filter over it is going to perform significantly better than with. The old monochrome punched well above its weight just because of that. I'm sure a monochrome 645Z would have immensely high sensitivity levels.

Again I am sure you are probably right but Leica did have the balls to release such a camera and most others up till now didn't... Credits to Phase One also for their Achromatic. 

 on: Today at 09:36:35 AM 
Started by Dave (Isle of Skye) - Last post by Dave (Isle of Skye)
Go here to get them.


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Started by Chris Calohan - Last post by Chris Calohan
I was fortunate to be juried into this show which opened Friday night to a crowd of over 1,000. It was quite the gala event.

These are shots showing my work at the opening on Friday night in the Open Photography Forum's Gallery section. Mine are to the left of the Lady in Red's head and the second, the lady in green is looking at them directly.

 on: Today at 09:22:20 AM 
Started by affu933 - Last post by Chris_Brown
This ought to keep you busy. If not, pay $, join and have access to hundreds of videos and articles.

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Started by felix5616 - Last post by felix5616
I have a first generation iPad, 64gb wi fi only with a case and power cord and nave little use for it. It if very clean, no damage, minimal markings. What is a reasonable price should i decide to sell it?

 on: Today at 09:04:32 AM 
Started by dreed - Last post by dreed
I recently captured a series of bracketed shots with a rising full moon to try and ensure that everything got well exposed for a HDR.

What I forgot to take into account was that the moon would move between each shot - I did the bracketing manually to ensure that each shot was focused and to manually select the exposure (camera doesn't provide enough steps or wide enough, IMHO.)

I brought it int ACR9 and was quite amazed... first at the colour correctness but then at what it did with the moving moon.

I suspect that a bit of PS will be need to get one of the correct moon exposures and pasted it in.

 on: Today at 09:03:26 AM 
Started by cyron123 - Last post by cyron123

 on: Today at 08:47:31 AM 
Started by stamper - Last post by Eric Myrvaagnes
Isn't this why we now have "auto-straighten" in editing apps? Thank goodness! How many of you remember taking apart 35mm trannies to straighten the horizon!
I even remember "cropping" trannies at various angles with black tape.   Wink

 on: Today at 08:44:52 AM 
Started by dreed - Last post by Simon Garrett
Summary of new features from v4 to v6:

I find a number of the innovations useful in the last two versions useful, but of course I don't "need" them.  I don't "need" Lightroom at all.  It's always going to be a personal call. 

I've got the CC package, so get all the upgrades anyway.  But before I subscribed, I tended to keep Lightroom up to date, and use an older version of Photoshop.  That was in the good old days when you could update Photoshop every 3 major updates.  Ah, those were the days!

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