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 on: Today at 01:00:05 PM 
Started by Theodoros - Last post by BartvanderWolf
so where do you see the "exact model of CPU & dGPU" there ?

Other than being of the Skylake generation, there is no 'exact' CPU model-step number of the i3, i5, or i7 processor, or GPU, given (yet). But then the Surface Pro 4 itself is not available yet either.

Besides, does it matter? You are unlikely to be able and exchange the processor yourself (iFixit hasn't dissected one yet, and others also have limited low level details), and Microsoft only offers a choice between some selected combinations of processor, memory, and storage. So one is more likely to choose the model based on application, or budget, not on specific processor model code.

Also, comparing processors without the rest of it's support electronics is rather meaningless.


 on: Today at 12:59:55 PM 
Started by FranciscoDisilvestro - Last post by nemophoto
Thanks for the heads up on this. I was about to post a comment about freezes I still have with ONLY Lightroom and Win 10. Also, the crappy, sluggish performance if you check the "Use Graphics Card Processor". The GPU display performance is horrible when checked. It takes 3-4 times as long to respond and redraw after you check 1:1 from viewing at "Fit". The same scrolling. Hopefully, this helps. And it's not only your GPU. I use a Radeon R9 280X.

Thanks again for the post.


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Started by Theodoros - Last post by Paul2660
and did you bother see the video ?

No I have to say I did not watch the video. I have been tethering with both the S2 and S3 on IQ260 since late 2013, first on the S2 and then S3.  Stayed with the S2 due to reasons I preferred.

If the video is showing the S4, then it's not anything new.  I have seen the spec's.  A bit more power and larger screen.  May be possible to have a more laptop like feel, but the larger it gets the less ideal IMO it is for tethering in the field. 

So far as I know, the S2 and S3, all have a removeable keyboard, the S3's is much better for daily use with a better touch feel for typing.  However I find the S3 is just a bit big for tethering in the field and prefer the size of the S2 even with the extra weight.

My point is this just a continuance to a long line up of Surface products and tethering with them has been done since the first model, albeit it was not a good answer as it did not run a full version of the OS. 

My other point is no single person besides Ken Doo has done more work on this subject.  Ken has made all of his findings available to anyone and has shared all of the pros and cons of each solution.  Ken has worked this solution to near brilliance with the last version and his notes are well worth the time to read.   Just want to give credit where it's due.


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Started by Theodoros - Last post by AlterEgo

There is i5 and i7 versions....

yes, and which models of i5 and i7 exactly ? that's the question - for example I am offered by M$ to preoder and yet, the seller does not disclose what is exactly that I am buying (not that I want to buy it, but still)

 on: Today at 12:35:12 PM 
Started by torger - Last post by torger
By the way I tried implementing that alternate CAM presented in the paper "A neurophysiology-inspired steady-state color appearance model" by Kunkel and Reinhard.

I did not analyze it or anything just a quick copy paste from the paper and see what numbers I got compared to CIECAM02. I was hoping that perhaps it could handle the extreme range better, but actually it's the opposite. That model works in a smaller gamut so for my uses there's no obvious advantage over CIECAM02.

I'm thinking about making a special-case CAM which is a blend between CIECAM02, CIELAB and/or home-made RGB. For the extreme range one need to be pragmatic, no colorimetric model will yield "correct" results, we just need something that looks good.

The main use for these color appearance models in DCamProf is to have a coordinate system that can scale chroma in a decently uniform way while keeping hue and lightness constant. CIECAM02's JCh has less color shift issues than CIELab, but Lab is more robust for extreme values. Some have munsell corrected Lab (RawTherapee have that) or Bruce Lindbloom's UPLab which is the same thing - non-linear correction of the Lab coordinate system to provide better uniformity and less colorshift. These spaces are probably even better than CIECAM02 concerning uniformity, I don't know how they perform in the extreme range though.

I haven't find any strong need to further improve the uniformity of CIECAM02 for its use in DCamProf, but I can't really use it for say gamut-compressing ProPhoto to AdobeRGB, as it can't represent all colors in ProPhoto (which indeed has a blue corner outside the locus). There's another issue which is that for extreme range of blue the lightness drops to near zero (same would be for red too, but due to common RGB gamut orientations we never get there). So if we say have an extreme blue with ~0 lightness and then just compress chroma axis the lightness is still ~0. For this reason I'm considering a model where you stop doing normal colorimetric model for the extreme range but instead just pretends it's some RGB space (with brighter blue, probably sRGB-bright), and then do some suitable transition between them both. It will be a very application specific space, specifically made for general purpose camera profile making.

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Started by LesPalenik - Last post by Rob C
Rob, I just tried it, and it worked for me.
Maybe there was a temporary glitch on that site (on, here is the full link:

Thanks - the second link gets me in!


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My major wonder is how accurately this screen calibrates and how good its anti-glare coating is... what is the up to now experience some have with the surface pros for calibration and anti-glare?

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Started by KLaban - Last post by ACH DIGITAL

This was shot under Hans Kruse's Dolomites East workshop.

Sony Alpha 7rII, Sony 70-400/4-5.6G at 150/f11.

Best regards

Erik, impressive images, very nice work your doing with the A7RII. The detail and tonality are amazing.

 on: Today at 12:26:33 PM 
Started by Rob C - Last post by KLaban
Hell, Rob, winter is approaching together with that low sun. Man, get yourself that chair and wheel out that pod and cat!

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Started by mwwoj - Last post by jng
Quick note before the avalanche of suggestions to abandon medium format and go with Sony... ;)

The Arcbody is not compatible with P-series and IQ-series Phase backs, due to a protruding ridge around the rear standard's opening. See: I found this out the hard way with my early 60's vintage Hassy SWC (this ridge disappeared in later Superwide models). If you're intent on using the Arcbody, the ridge can be machined down. I didn't have the stomach to do this to my beloved SWC and eventually purchased a newer SWC/M at KEH.


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