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 on: Today at 10:51:48 AM 
Started by maddogmurph - Last post by aboudd
Both, although Ansel would love your B&W.

 on: Today at 10:51:43 AM 
Started by cyron123 - Last post by cyron123
New price 1799 Euro

 on: Today at 10:50:41 AM 
Started by Michael Erlewine - Last post by Michael Erlewine
I would have liked a little more negative space under the water drop.

Here is another shot with more space.

 on: Today at 10:49:46 AM 
Started by Rajan Parrikar - Last post by aboudd
I find #2 much more interesting. I'd like to see a little more detail in the shadow area.

 on: Today at 10:48:01 AM 
Started by Michael Erlewine - Last post by aboudd
I would have liked a little more negative space under the water drop.

 on: Today at 10:40:01 AM 
Started by Pluminland - Last post by Pluminland
It depends... ;D  Do you wish the printer to be at a height you can easily access when sitting or... should it be a stand that is best accessed while standing?

Standing height for me.

Good question. :-)

 on: Today at 10:39:47 AM 
Started by rodrigogil76 - Last post by Mark Lindquist
Mark is a very helpful fellow and knows his Z3200's backwards and forwards.    He was very helpful to me when my Z3200 had problems, and though I never got it fixed (I was well over the limit in time and money I was willing to spend to get it fixed), his advice gave me a fighting chance.     I hope you have better luck.

Thanks for the kind words - sorry we were unable to get you back up and running.  Do you still have your printer?  Want to give it another shot?  Sometimes walking away and coming back fresh makes a big difference.  Again, very kind of you, and sorry it's not working.


 on: Today at 09:52:42 AM 
Started by jlamont - Last post by Ken Doo
The recommended wiper blade change interval is once per year on the 79/99** series. Not doing so doesn't necessarily mean you will encounter more issues with your printer, as Wayne's experience bears out. But in the spirit of an abundance of anal-retentiveness and frugality, when I had the 9900, I inspected the wiper blade every 4-6 months and cleaned it gently with a swabbit and warm water and also changed the wiper blade yearly. It is easy basic maintenance that a user can accomplish without any fret at all. I rarely if ever had problems with my old 9900. I suspect that the expected life of these "pro" wide format printers is typically 3-5 years, amazingly the period after which warranties expire  ::).  After that period, it really becomes a bit of russian roulette to determine the cause when/if a printer has problems, whether it is the head, capping station, dampers, pumps, etc. The typical service call will be to make an educated guess and start with the least expensive repair/replacement part and then move on to the next if that doesn't fix-it. The printer may be big, but there really are quite few vital parts to replace, albeit at a heavy hit to the pocketbook.  Similar to a car blowing blue smoke out of the exhaust, sometimes it's best to just get a new vehicle.

I assume the maintenance interval on the wiper blade on the P9000 (P series) is the same, and I do believe I have read that the procedure to replace the wiper is much the same as the 79/99** series as well. I have had ZERO issues with my P9000 and it actually seems better than the previous generation printers in terms of usage and nozzle checks. (recently back from a workshop in UT---gone over two weeks, printer nozzle check did not show even a single tiny line missing, perfect!). The P9000 is a much better printer than the previous generation.

I think the previous common sense maintenance thoughts still make sense:  monitor humidity levels, keep the area around the printer and deck clean (vacuum), print frequently, and change/clean the wiper blade periodically.  Imho, if your printer is five years or older, it is on borrowed time. Kudos to you if your printer lasts that long or longer!


 on: Today at 09:51:34 AM 
Started by Pluminland - Last post by rdonson
Here's something that Kevin bought for LuLa.  Not my cup of tea but it's an idea to consider.

 on: Today at 09:50:35 AM 
Started by PeterAit - Last post by Eric Myrvaagnes
Teacher should have known that "whale" is an incorrect translation of the biblical story. More accurate would be "fish."    ;)

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