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 on: Today at 09:54:53 AM 
Started by flynnyfalcon - Last post by flynnyfalcon
Hi all,

Been a little while since I frequented LL, but after lengthy thought, I've decided to sell off my medium format kit due to no use and thought where better to offer my goodies than right here.  I accumulated a fantastic kit a number of years ago, but after landing a full time photographic job which required nothing more than my trusty Canon kit I sadly just don't have a need for such a high end kit.  All prices are AUD.  Willing to ship, but all costs involved will be past onto purchaser.  Goods will only be shipped once payment has been made and cleared.

Willing to do deals or even throw in items for purchasers of multiple items.

So this is what I have on offer:

Cambo WRS 1000 Technical Camera $2800
- Brand New, never used.  I upgraded to this after a number of years with a WDS. It never left my house and is in brand new condition.  Comes with original box, case, manual and accessories.  Purchased from local Pro dealer (Specular).
LL Review

Cambo SLW 89 - WRS H Mount plate - $400
- Brand New, never used.  As above

Cambo WDS-580 - Viewfinder - $500
- Small insignificant scuffs.  Comes with WDS-582 Viewfinder Extender.

Cambo WDS-924 - 24mm Viewfinder - $100

Cambo WDS-935 - 35mm Viewfinder - $100

Schneider APO-Digitar XL MC 24mm f/5.6 - $2700
- Perfect cosmetic and working condition.  Has both front and rear Schneider caps.

Schneider APO-Digitar XL MC 35mm f/5.6 - $2550
- Perfect cosmetic and working condition.  Has both front and rear Schneider caps (front cap suits the 'below' Centre filter).

Schneider APO-Digitar XL MC 35mm f/5.6 IID Center Filter - $150
- Perfect cosmetic and working condition.

Schneider APO-Digitar XL MC 47mm f/5.6 - $2000
- Perfect cosmetic and working condition.  Has Nikon front and no rear cap.

Phase One P45+ Digital Back - $8500
- Perfect cosmetic and working condition.  Has 36,241 exposures taken.  Comes with everything included in the "Value Added" pack. Phase One hard case, Phase One soft "blanket" x2. Hahnel Twin battery charger w/car adapter.  5 Brand new batteries.  Firewire cord.  Sensor Cleaner Kit; unused. LCC Lens Calibration Card.  Purchased from Digital Transitions in NY USA.

Kapture Group - Wide OneShot Cable Release PHA-001W - $195
- Brand new.

Leica Disto D5 - Distance Meter - $425
- Brand new.

Storm/Pelican IM2500 - $135
- Brand new.  Foam modified to suit camera kit as shown.

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Started by evscherba - Last post by evscherba
I'm selling a Rolleiflex 6008AF camera. The camera is in excellent shape and is all working perfectly. I bought this camera from Eric W. Hiss about 3 years ago, and I love it.

The camera kit includes:
-Rollei 6008 AF Body (with cap)
-120 film magazine with insert
-Rollei waist level finder
-Rollei 6008 grip
-Leather strap (non-original)
-One NiMH battery
-Charger (non-original)

My asking price is $850 plus shipping. Paypal fees on me. The camera located in Russia but I can ship worldwide.
I can send any pics on request.  Please feel free to contact with me if you have any questions.

Thanks for looking.


 on: Today at 09:51:57 AM 
Started by Damon Lynch - Last post by amolitor
It is an article is faith that Kodak was destroyed by management stupidity.

But, was there a sequence of decisions which, if made at the proper times, would have led to success? Or even survival?

If so, that would surely have been the most epic pivot in the history of history.

And a follow-up question, how much of the new Kodak's business would come from p&s cameras?

 on: Today at 09:51:03 AM 
Started by Hans Kruse - Last post by chez
Look here and see that HDR, Pano and GPU support came into ACR and then was plugged into LR6. My point in the original post was pretty clear on that. Therefore the point was basically about what was in LR6 besides what came from ACR. Not much.

Why does it matter to you who exactly implemented the features as long as if they get into Lightroom? Would it matter to you if Adobe bought some great new features and merged them into Lightroom. Would you be disappointed that the "Lightroom team" did not write them from scratch?

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Started by mstevensphoto - Last post by Ernst Dinkla
The single feed roll spindle is all most of us who just want to mount prints would ever use.

Would not be too hard to cobble together a roll feed with about $20 of Home Depot technology.  I'm thinking plastic roll end shipping supports might supply exactly the right amount of tensioning.

Some used wide format printer spindles can be handy too. Like the Epson 9000 spindles I used for this DIY mounting film feeder. I made a dual spindle support so the laminator can be used in either direction, the laminator gets in between two tables when I roll the laminator table against another table.

Silicon wax or spray on non-silicon rollers is a remedy too on glue transfer.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
December 2014 update, 700+ inkjet media white spectral plots

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Started by Jakub - Last post by Rajan Parrikar
Try this and see if it helps.

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Started by Bob_B - Last post by Richowens
One photo.

 Cheesy Cheesy

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Started by kikashi - Last post by Rajan Parrikar

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Started by Bob_B - Last post by Bob_B
Is that one photo or one cat?  Cheesy

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Started by Eric Myrvaagnes - Last post by Slobodan Blagojevic
A fresh take on bluebells, nice.

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