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 on: Today at 04:55:54 AM 
Started by Jdejesus - Last post by Ernst Dinkla
Hello all,

First post, but i've been lurking for a few months  ;D

From a lot of opinion from this forum, I decided to get a Z3200. Been loving it and learning a lot as I'm printing. I've noticed on the last few prints i've done from the printer, the last inch of my print has not been printing. It doesn't matter if I feed the sheets or have a roll on the printer. The printer wasn't doing this in the past. The only work around I have found to do is to add an extra inch on the long side of the print, so that the printer will not print that last inch. I have recently moved the printer from one location of the studio to another part of the room. No lifting, just rolling the printer 10 feet.

I'm hoping it's just a setting I need to reset. I'm using the print drivers that came with the machine. Would a RIP have better control over the stoppage? When I first started printing, I was able to make an overall print dimension in Photoshop (i.e. a 24x36 print size) and put multiple images in that work size. And I noticed that the printer would print up to approximately .30" on all 4 sides.

Any help or advice on how to better diagnose my problem would be most appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


A RIP should not be needed to overcome hardware or driver issues!

Describe the OS, the application you print from, Z3200-PS or normal, the driver PCL3/PS3 you use.

If I recall it correctly there has been a thread here on a similar issue.

The normal print margins are 5mm for rolls, so the print page set in the driver (PCL3) will have 5mm unprintable at the edges and this reduced size will show in the application you print from. For sheets it is the same but at the trailing edge an extra 12mm can not be printed, a total of 17mm at that edge then. In the PS3 driver the print margins are already reduced in the driver itself so what you select is what you get as a netto print page.

In the Driver>Printer/Quality>Margins/Layout menu is the setting anything other than Standard? I only use Standard. In the Driver>Features menu the Remove Top/Bottom blank areas is not set?

Using Qimage Ultimate? and the Remove White Space at Bottom Page not set?

That sums up what I know of possible software setting issues right now.

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
January 2016 update, 700+ inkjet media white spectral plots

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Started by Mike D. B. - Last post by kikashi
Excellent! This was in The Times a while ago, on a similar topic.


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Started by RSL - Last post by kikashi
I understand why all that's true. Anybody with a camera or a cellphone can do landscape. Landscape isn't threatening. It won't chase you, yell at you, or give you a dirty look. You can take your time setting up with a tripod instead of having to frame and shoot in a matter of one or two seconds. With landscape you can get out your composition manual and make sure you're following the rule of thirds and the other "mandatory" composition rules. You can stop down and shoot at f/22, making sure everything's "sharp." In street photography you have to frame and shoot intuitively, and in many cases you have to use zone focus, which doesn't necessarily result in a shot that's "sharp." Street photography is hard. Landscape is a piece of cake.

With respect, Russ, I think that's unfair on those of us (me certainly included) who don't understand street photography. I don't take street not because I'm scared of what the subjects might do to me, but because the results don't interest me. I can appreciate the technique involved but I just don't see why it's done.

Perhaps it's a matter of motivation. I take photographs because I want to produce something beautiful that I can at least imagine hanging on a wall. I've not seen a street shot that would fit the bill.

I'm prepared to admit it's a failing on my part, along with my lack of appreciation of much modern art (there was a feature in the Sunday Times on Koons and Hirst: I can't begin to understand how they made so much money), most modern music (Berio? Stockhausen? Cage? Lutoslawski? Birtwhistle?) and no doubt much else.


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Started by iCanvas - Last post by Czornyj
that top photo puts the machine's size into perspective.  Tiny, it isnt ;)

The printer is massive, robust, and looks really impressive - but it's not really that bad, still a tiny printer when you put it next to 24-44" LFP ;)

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Started by kikashi - Last post by kikashi
For a bit of info on bergy bits and growlers go to My youngest son (he's over fifty) went on a cruise in the arctic and came back knowing all about bergy bits and growlers. That's the only reason I know there are such things.

Thanks: it's always good to learn new things. Your son's about my age, Russ!


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Started by Brad P - Last post by Ernst Dinkla
i use

and fix with VHB tape

regularly for pieces over 1.5m . i then put a 25mm thick MDF split batten inside for hanging

That looks way better in all aspects than what I have seen from other distributors.
Weight is considered an advantage by the manufacturer :-)

I do not grasp the pricing, say a meter square panel and a 90x90cm frame, what will be the price for the last?

Met vriendelijke groet, Ernst
January 2016 update, 700+ inkjet media white spectral plots

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Started by kikashi - Last post by kikashi
I see a lot of references to this stuff, which indicate that it's jolly useful. It doesn't seem to be available in the UK, though. What exactly is it, and does anyone know of a substitute which I might be able to buy here?


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Started by kikashi - Last post by kikashi
You're drip-feeding us some wonderful results from your Iceland trip

Thanks, Bill: I'm drip-feeding myself as well. A busy time at work means that I'm still working my way through the photos I took when I was there, nearly three months ago. It's really rather enjoyable!

Sweet light on the near stack and the mountain (Reynisfjall) behind. It is possible to separate them from another vantage point and I wonder if you managed to get that as well. See attached screen grab of an unprocessed file.

Rajan, I did get a shot from somewhere near where you were standing. Sadly, I didn't take it until about 20 minutes after this one and by then there was no longer any direct light on the main stack. I'll see what I can make of it, though.


 on: Today at 04:24:38 AM 
Started by Rob C - Last post by Rob C
It's never a clear-cut situation, though, and in my wife's case especially so (or so I believe, basing that opinion on a close experience of but two sufferers): she eventually had five cancer ops, and prior to each one she was of normal weight. Immediately after each intervention she turned into a living skeleton within a day or two. I know, because in Spain, in private hospitals, a relative can share a room with the patient and does, in fact, help out where that's within his/her knowledge of what to do. I think the relative's presence does a lot of good, psychological things for the patient, quite apart from what it can do for the relative's own mind and mental growth. So anyway, at that post-op stage, fasting would have been a negative input. But that's not to say that at other stages in life it can't be a positive.

However, isn't it always like that in life? We do what we think best at the time, but the final results of such actions - or lack of them - are way beyond out intentions, control or probably even expectations.

But there's still one scenario that's worse: immortality of a human body unless the ravages of age and the biological clock can be halted along with the time clock. I see all too clearly my own slow disintegration; I hate to imagine what it would look like in another fifty years of the same 'progress'!

Rob C

 on: Today at 04:02:14 AM 
Started by EinstStein - Last post by Morgan_Moore
4k is 17:9 UHD and HD are 16:9

It would seem that the most 'archival' is to shoot 17:9 with frame guides on the monitor to ensure that all 'critical image' (text for example) is inside the 16:9 box.


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