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Started by Rob C - Last post by N80

1.  That's kinda obvious, in theory.

It seems this entire discussion is theoretical.

And taken in isolation without expanding the thinking about consequential changes so induced.

Not sure what you mean. But if you're suggesting that there are downsides to nuclear, well, that's kinda obvious too. As the title of the thread suggests, there is no free lunch.

2.  Oil will never be worth nothing; for a start, we depend on plastics for an enormous volume of products and machinery still requires lubrication. As for Saudi, that's a political point and also flawed from the point of view of its influence: it's money will not simply evaporate, and money is influence even within a domestic family. And let's not even touch on the religious impact it has worldwide.

Rob C

Of course it won't be worth nothing. Forgive the slight hyperbole. The point being that it will be unlikely that the western world would be dependent on imported oil for the uses you describe, particularly from the core of middle eastern nations that are all inherently unstable; those who enjoy stability receive it from without and not within, solely due to the value of their oil. Those who once enjoyed stability from within, Iraq, 'enjoyed' it at the cost of brutal suppression. Money does not evaporate. But it might as well. Witness the mark following WWI. Plenty of them; no value. Saudi Arabia produces nothing more than oil. The population, while educated, is virtually without a skilled labor force. They are almost entirely dependent on imports. Without oil they have nothing to export except terrorism. So yes, of course this is a political point but there can be no discussion of the future of energy production, global climate change and pollution without a geopolitical discussion. Simply fruitless. And I'm glad to refrain from discussing the impact of religion, but it is also tightly intertwined in the discussion of oil and politics. It cannot be separated. But it can be mitigated when the middle east is no longer the arbiter of western energy resources and economic considerations. Then the discussion can simply be political or religious.

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Started by uintaangler - Last post by rdonson
Fuji created a version of the X-T1 specifically for IR. Take a look. Not sure it meets your needs but worth looking at.

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Started by John Koerner - Last post by qwz
Firstly, Sony sells such highly specialized lens dozen times less than Canon and Nikon so they want to nake it profitable. The law is simple - more production - less cost.
Secondly, i assume you are the real user of this lens and lensscore (and other one-number* ratings) data correlate with you experience?

As far as i know, real users of 4/500 and 2.8/300 has different opinion, not matched with lensscore.
There is some on forum.

People i know tested 4/500 with Canon and Nikon counterparts as wild-life lens.
It was few years ago on real-life with 22-24mp bodies.
Only significant flaw of the Sony 4/500 for wildlife and photorep usage they found is a little smaller magnification on closest focus distance. Sharpness and CAs even on infinity (landscape) was on the same level.

Anyway, one-number-score is integral value and sharpness is only part of it.
For wildlife shooter maximum magnification will be much significant than corner sharpness, for example.
But how we count all this "score" center sharpness and sharpness distribution across the frame, - 'cause we have also CA, flatness of the fieild, coma, vignetting, flare-resistance (better for Sony 'cause much less lens lements due lack of IS) and so on, to say nothing 'bout weight, IS, focus...

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Started by wing1 - Last post by Paul2660
I have never been sure just what is going on with the dark frame process.

LR has never had any problems worth IQ150/250/260/160/180 long exposure shots I have taken. I always assumed the the dark frame is being done by the back during the time the back times out while it takes the dark frame and apples it to the file in camera.

Paul C

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Thats why Sony a99s screen hinge is different to other brands.

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Started by Rob C - Last post by GrahamBy
I would be interested in any link pointing to a scientific comparison, but my guess is that overall electric cars may not be efficient today in terms of fossil energy usage compated to gasoline cars. I would love to be proven wrong.

It obviously depends on where. France is 80+% nuclear, plus another ~8% hydro. very different from Australia which is 100% fossil.

There is also the polemic around the implications of the finite life of the battery packs and the mining of the niobium for the permanent magnets in the motors... I'm not sure anyone has reliable data because of the obvious market economic consequences of battery life estimates for selling the cars, getting government subsidies etc. There is very, very big money on the table.

Getting emissions out of the cities would be a huge deal though, French cities literally stink of diesel fumes now... they smell much worse than petrol vapours to me, and unlike petrol emissions, they have been declared carcinogenic (for what that's worth: I've sat on some of those committees and the decision making is... interesting).

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Re the washing up photo : it was taken with the "old" Sigma 85/1.4. Why anyone would suppose it needed to be replaced by something bigger and heavier is beyond me, although doubtless there are marketing advantages.

On the theme of sharpness and absence thereof:

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Really nice picture, Graham.

Just shows how much can be done without going anywhere. Home is a fantastic place in which to exercise the eye.


+1 as in Josef Sudek

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