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 on: Today at 11:50:45 AM 
Started by Doug Peterson - Last post by Doug Peterson

For the fourth year in a row Digital Transitions and Phase One are throwing the best pre-party for Photo Plus Expo week in NYC. We've outgrown the studio we've previously used (if you were there last year you'll remember it was a bit packed), so this year we're hosted by Root NYC in their large ground floor studio.

Come relax and have a drink with your fellow photographers before the craziness of Photo Plus takes hold.

Details and RSVP here:

If you're coming, leave a message below so your fellow forum members know to look for you.

 on: Today at 11:49:06 AM 
Started by bcooter - Last post by Rob C
If you live in the UK, the Kray twins will be well known to you. This was where Reggie ended up, Blunderstone Prison cell 116. No attempt on my part to make this "art" just record.

Lived there (Scotland, not official prison), on and of, until '81 so yeah, the names are familar. Not as familiar as they are to Bailey, who "couldn't refuse" shooting one of the brother's wedding, the second of only two Bailey ever did - or so I'm led to believe, which I do. Funny thing: when I first hung out the shingle I did anything that came along, weddings too. One day, standing on a rainy Glaswegian church staircase, awaiting the arrival of the poor girl about to trade her freedom, I had this vision of Bailey driving past slowly, smiling up at me up on those forsaken steps from his Rolls, and vanishing as he'd come.

I swore it would be the last wedding I ever shot, and it was. I decided to bet the ranch on my only passion at the time - fashion - and that's what I did. Fortunately, turned out I was able to keep the ranch. Such is the effect of the passing Damascene Moment; far more decisive for me than any of HC-B's.


Rob C

 on: Today at 11:47:08 AM 
Started by Rob C - Last post by KLaban
My own sentiment is that I feel folks shouldn't do it, that I can understand the thrill of doing it, and that whenever I have done it, I try to do so unseen, except for once, when I saw a woman carrying a child. At first sighting, she and the child were alone, and she had this constant, beatific smile on her face, so as I saw she was coming my way, I got ready and when she was about close enough, made my couple of rapid takes. I vaguely realised another person had joined her, but still carried on shooting. Nothing was said, but seeing the pictures later told me enough just by looking at the guy's face.

Rob, I think it's more of an issue if people don't understand the photographer's intent.

As an example, when photographing folk in Morocco the individual may or may not like being photographed but they do understand why a western European would want to do so: It's a daily occurrence for them.

On the other hand I would never attempt to capture images such as you've posted here and on the without prejudice thread as the intent is not obvious and is open to all kinds of misinterpretation.

 on: Today at 11:40:54 AM 
Started by KevinA - Last post by KevinA
What about this link?
Just chose one lens at random:

Thanks all, links working now, must be my end that had the problem. I thought it odd I couldn't find any lens details on the Hassy site just a blank page.

 on: Today at 11:31:43 AM 
Started by KMRennie - Last post by MattBurt
I like them both but now that you mentioned the mist I can't help but see it being too light in the first.
Wonderful scene and very nice captures!

 on: Today at 11:30:29 AM 
Started by KLaban - Last post by KLaban
Thanks Eric.

Would have loved to take the chair home with me.

 on: Today at 11:19:26 AM 
Started by KimALdis - Last post by KimALdis
I've just figured out how to export images from Capture One directly to a Nextgen gallery  on my Wordpress web site.

It was originally intended to keep it to myself but if there's an interest I'd be comfortable blogging about how and why; it's relatively simple to do and understanding how it's done is quite useful.

In principle, although I haven't done so yet, it should be possible adapt it to export directly to a Wordpress media library. Or, in fact, anything that support xmlrpc - I believe SmugMug is one such.

In the process I've also had some fun messing with recipes' Open With feature; adding borders, posting to Twitter and whatnot. And using keywords and smart folders to track exports. Same applies; if there's interest I'll blog about it.

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Started by [email protected] - Last post by [email protected]
Have you called Epson ProGraphics Tech Support?

Yes I've left a call for them ans they've not got back to me. I was thinking of resetting the printer. HAs anyone done a factory reset? Holding down the Pause, down and menu butoon whilst switching on gets a load of maintenance menus but I don;t understand the codes.

 on: Today at 11:02:55 AM 
Started by Huffie - Last post by John Nollendorfs
I've got a friend that just got the K-1, and is very pleased. It has a lot of bells and whistles and neither Canon or Nikon offer. And the price is a bargain. As for shooting landscapes, consider using stitching techniques to get larger, more detailed images, especially if you want panoramic aspect ratio images. Shoot the landscapes vertically, overlapping about 25%. I find a 60mm lens shooting about 6 single row overlapping images gives me the field of view of about 24-28mm. Use Photoshop to do the stitching. There are "expensive" panorama brackets made to aid such shooting, but I find I can get very good results just by hand holding (involves some technique), or just using a tripod and rotating the head. Of course you should lock down exposure and focus for all exposures. I've made 6' wide prints that are quite amazing with their clarity and detail.

 on: Today at 11:01:14 AM 
Started by Huffie - Last post by Paul2660
Hey, we come close down here (to fashion week  :) )

As to the K1, yes, I feel it's quite capable, and can easily handle it's own against both Nikon and Canon.  If you like to read stats, the DxO scores for the K1 are now in and it did very well, and would have scored higher (most likely the highest ever) if Pixel shift had been tested.

Quickly My reasons to switch:

1.  Pixel shift (it's real multishot) and that just meas less color interpolation out of the gate.  It's only too bad that Pentax did not seed this camera or work closer with Adobe and Phase One as the Adobe Pixel shift conversion is less that stellar and Adobe tend to make one stab in the dark and then be done.  Phase One just chose to not support it.  Not sure if they worried about market share but if Iridient Developer can work out a solution surely the P1 team can also.

2.  High ISO improvements over my D810, easily 1 stop of DR improvement up to 3200 from my shooting and still improvements up to 6400

3.  Layout and controls, Love the design just works better for me. 

4.  Astrotracer/GPS  for a astro shooter, this is real plus, up to 5 minutes of tracking and it works very well.  Limitations are ultra wide lenses

5.  Movable LCD (huge deal for me) not sure about the rest of the world, but as the rest of the world gets old, it will easily become apparent why it's nice to be able to move the damn screen.  Not to mention using the camera at waist level and seeing what you are shooting.

6.  Built in Wifi, which works

7.  Wide range of very good lenses, again Pentax seems to have a bad rap here, but their new glass is excellent and up to par with the Nikon zooms and primes I use in the field. 

8.  Full weather proof, go ahead dunk it under water, it will still work.  Nice to be able to work in the rain and not worry about either a cover or that one errant drop of water.

9.  Positive firmware updates, now 3

10. On board sensor stabilization, OBIS.  Pentax actually did some very impressive stuff with this besides just giving you stabilization, (Pixel shift Astrotracer, composition shift)

11.  Pentax has a good user base mainly in the APS-C cameras, but many of these folks have shot Pentax for years and bring a lot of experience and knowledge, found in the pentax forums. 

A few considerations:

Pentax - Ricoh as a whole has not impressed me with their support, period.  They use a non Pentax facility in the US for physical repairs.  Thus it's jobbed out.  So that contract could end at anytime.    Their phone support is basic and I don't believe they are employees of Ricoh.  They have the ability to forward issues on to Japan (which takes too long for me).  This needs to be addressed if Pentax wants to really compete, at least IMO. 

Pentax as mentioned above, should have done much better at working with Adobe and Phase One the makers of the two largest raw conversion software packages, so that Pixel shift conversions are the best possible.  The only way to really get a perfect conversion is the by either use of the included Pentax software (terrible interface and no toolset) or Silkypix Developer studio or Studio Pro.  The differences in the conversion are impressive.  Silkypix can handle some motion much better than Adobe.  This feature is really the single greatest advantage over Canon or Nikon, neither of which will most likely ever have OBIS since it will compete with the VR and IS lenses.  But as proven years ago by Hasselblad with their multishot backs, anything that defeats the Bayer interpolation is worth considering.  Not only for resolution but color fidelity.  I find it a bit tragic that Pentax brought such technology to the market, and did not cover their bases any better than they did.  Sorry to sound harsh, but you only get one chance at a first impression.

Camera battery life is 2/3's that of a Nikon or Canon equivalent from my experiences.  AA batteries NiMh at least do not work correctly, draining much too fast.

There is a huge lack of Pentax primes modern for the K1 full frame.  Pentax claims some are coming, but none showed at Kina.  Needed are wide and semi wide primes.  The 200mm and 300mm are excellent lenses even though they are DA, they work fine on full frame.   

Last buy not least, but more than likely the main reason for lack of adoption, is that no Canon or Nikon glass can be used with an adapter due to the focal flange distance being within 1 or 2mm and thus loss of infinity focus.  Sigma is not producing their excellent Art glass in the K mount anymore and Zeiss stopped a long time ago.  So the switch is considerable to many photographers. 

If you are in the US, get a hold of, and rent a K1 and 24-70 or 15-30 and see what you think.  Attachment below is from a review video, where K1 is totally dunked underwater for several seconds, impressive for outdoor work.

Paul C

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