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 on: Today at 02:52:40 PM 
Started by seamus finn - Last post by seamus finn
This brave little lady, complete with her one euro ten cent sliced pan, braves the ferocious seagulls at Sligo's Back Avenue, determined to feed the hungry ducks. And she succeeded after a struggle.

 on: Today at 02:41:29 PM 
Started by JeanMichel - Last post by KarlGohl
A few more random observations / thoughts:
- My 5K retina i7 iMac takes about a minute to generate 1:1 previews of 12 NEX7 raw files (about 25MB per file; 24MP per image).  Raws are stored on an external hard drive attached via USB3.  Catalog (and therefore previews) stored on iMac's internal 1TB flash drive.  So I would get ~700 1:1 previews generated per hour.  If you do a similar test case (that is, generate 1:1 previews for ~10 images), what "seconds per 1:1 preview" value do you get?
- Beware: when testing preview generation speed, I delete 1:1 previews for a few images and then re-generate them.  However, LR won't actually delete previews if they are close to the same size as "standard previews" (as defined in Catalog Settings).  Since the iMac screen is about 5120 pixels wide, the Auto setting for standard previews makes them 5120 pixels wide.  Therefore, LR often won't actually delete 1:1 previews for my NEX7 images, since their 6000 pixel width is close to the width for standard previews.  To be able to really delete 1:1 previews, I have to temporarily set the standard preview size to a much smaller value.
- On further thinking, it doesn't seem that gigabit versus "fast" ethernet can account for all of your slowness: even if you are only getting 100Mb/s (which is about 10MB/s), it should only take 3 or 4 seconds to read a raw file.
- Why did you start a new catalog?  When I recently moved from a Mac Pro to new iMac, I copied the catalog and previews to the new machine.  The grid view thumbnails display quickly.  The first time I look at an image in Loupe view, I usually get the "Loading..." overlay for two or three seconds.  I assume this is because the old standard preview (sized for my old 2560 pixel wide monitor) is displayed while a new 5120 wide standard preview is generated.
- Are you sure neither machine went to sleep while you were trying to generate the large batch of previews?

 on: Today at 02:19:01 PM 
Started by nemophoto - Last post by Ken Bennett
I don't shoot a lot of macro, but had a studio macro shot assigned, so I borrowed the 100mm IS Lens from our video crew. I have to say I really enjoyed it. It focuses very close, the IS works a champ, and the final files on my 5Ds looked great. Now I want one.... :)

 on: Today at 02:11:59 PM 
Started by Arlen - Last post by David Eckels
Love it!

 on: Today at 02:10:43 PM 
Started by David Eckels - Last post by David Eckels
This is the sunset Dad and I were rushing down from Towne Pass to capture.

 on: Today at 01:54:11 PM 
Started by Telecaster - Last post by Rob C
One of the dreamers? I have nothing against research that helps mankind on earth. In outer space  - discounting satellites that orbit the earth - there is nothing that I have read about that can help us here on earth which means the money spent would be better spent on medicine, eradicating wars and other problems that plague us. It apparently took a billion years for the gravitational waves to reach us. I look at issues from a practical point of view and don't day dream about distant galaxies. How much money was spent on this experiment?

I wonder if that's even the question: so much esoteric education in so many heads means that something has to be provided in order to employ at least a good number of those heads. I suspect a similar position holds in the armed forces: we have to keep people off the streets, and even if we have learned better than to engage in as many foreign adventures, it's still important to look as if you perhaps could, should you need so to do. You have to support the numbers either through direct pay or unemployment benefits - so give 'em a uniform, spend money and 'create' jobs by making them their trade-toys, and let's get something out of the system and massage the figures.

Was a time in Italy when almost every family was feeding its own unemployed graduate off the earnings of the lesser-educated members of the family. (No, I don't mean those families.) Today, I know teachers in Spain who are waiters...  Highly advanced state-provided education per se can be a waste of resources. Yes, advanced education if you can buy it by yourself even without the prospect of a job, but the state shouldn't push the idea of very advanced education as a necessary and universal right of passage. It's not. And if people spend years of their lives studying 'soft' courses without employment prospects at the end of it all, it creates a lot of wasted lives filled with frustration when doors they thought would automatically swing open do not. For full employment at any level, you need first the jobs to fill, not hundreds of seekers for what doesn't exist. Seems to me that what we face is a gigantic mismatch; unemployed people chasing job vacancies that they really weren't trained to fill, and employers unable to fill the gaps in their workforce without importing people from elsewhere, leading to political problems and resultant hatreds. I seem to remember a time when IT was considered a passport for life; apparently, that passport has now expired.

And now we have globalization on top of it all; our steel mills close because they can't compete with dumping; savings become almost pointless because no interest gets paid (but the banker's bonus still seems largely immune); the handy little cafés that once lived on our high streets long ago stopped being able to compete with the rents and business rates that the multi companies sniff at...

Somebody suggested I might be a cynic. I wonder why? It's a minor miracle, but I can still find it in myself to be a semi-optimist!

Rob C

 on: Today at 01:48:50 PM 
Started by KLaban - Last post by KLaban
Rob, love the thought, blown off course over the Atlantic by a few thousand miles and ending up in Haiti!

Marko, the second could be seen as an alternative valentine's message, I only wish I'd thought of it!

 on: Today at 01:35:11 PM 
Started by Isaac - Last post by Isaac
"Archaeologists are using Environment Agency laser mapping data to rediscover hundreds of kilometres of 'lost' Roman roads."

 on: Today at 01:29:31 PM 
Started by KLaban - Last post by MarkoRepse
Interesting content here lately!
Rob, great 'magazine', and the though provoking text.
Kieth, I'm not sure if your posts were timed intentionally, but these intriguing photos really have an anti-valentine's day message for me. In a good way though.

 on: Today at 01:21:44 PM 
Started by - Last post by alainbriot
I agree that the art fair photo is atypical.  The photo shows a street display more than an art fair.  Art fairs tend to have similar sizes and display tents from artist to artist to maintain visual harmony in the show.

HOwever the points made by Peter about visual presence and not crowding artwork are absolutely valid in regards to art show displays.  Many artists hang as many pieces as they can in their booth crowding the space and making their display a mosaic of artwork rather than a carefully planned display.

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