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 on: Today at 04:53:06 AM 
Started by C+B - Last post by C+B
I've been thinking about diving into macro photography (or rather micro-photography) and I need a flash.

The only problem is that I have little to no experience with these kinds of flashes and I have no idea which one to pick. There are so many manufacturers I'm a bit lost...

This is for a digital 645 camera so I need a rather powerful flash unit with a PC-sync port with a short flash duration.

I don't need any features like TTL, so a used one would definitely be fine!

Which one would you recommend?

 on: Today at 03:50:24 AM 
Started by BernardLanguillier - Last post by stamper
I, too, prefer the first one.  For me, the contrasting hues on the top and bottom help to divide the image into two and accent the highlight on the center right.  Also, the sun reflecting on the fields makes a nice line to draw my eye to the same place.



 on: Today at 02:16:04 AM 
Started by EinstStein - Last post by Dave Ellis
I'm not disputing the DxO curves, nor am I saying that this assertion is in error, but I would like some clarification.

I'm assuming we're talking about shot noise here; the camera contribution is not counted. 

In that case, isn't our "signal" the measurement from one photosite, and not the aggregation from all photosites?  What I'm trying to say is that visible noise appears to me to be localized to pixels.

I understand with a larger sample, the effects of variation within the sample become smaller.  Flip a coin ten times and you may end up with ten heads.  Flip it a hundred times, and if you got 100 heads I'd worry about the coin, giving Rob C his coin back and asking for a different one.  For this reason, a FF sensor would show a lower aggregate S/N ratio.

So, with equal photosites, the chances of getting too many or two few photons at a _single_ photosite are the same, regardless of how many total photosites you have. Therefore, given equal photosites--leaving out the biggest variable: camera performance--a FF and cropped-frame sensor would seem to have the same shot noise performance on the pixel level.

Now, where am I wrong?

Hi Tom

I can see where you are coming from. I think Bill's analysis probaby assumes the same number of pixels on each sensor. Pixel size rather than sensor size is surely what matters with shot noise S/N.


 on: Today at 01:44:40 AM 
Started by hasselbladfan - Last post by NickT
 have shot the 300 and it was lovely.

 on: Today at 01:43:54 AM 
Started by JoeKitchen - Last post by NickT

or cleaning dirty glass because the assignment was rushed before the builder did their final clean....hoo hum
Duplicate layer, dust and scratches, hide all mask and paint back. Just saying :)

 on: Today at 01:25:51 AM 
Started by phototraveller - Last post by phototraveller
Hi everybody.

First of all apologies for not getting this post up and running sooner. It’s been a bit hectic here and  a lot of people contacted me regarding the previous post with information about the items for sale. Finally I have a complete list with photos.

I am selling my Alpa STC kit and Phase One Digital Back. Everything is in beautiful condition and has been lovingly looked after.
The Phase One is an IQ 280 M mount back. It is still under warranty until August 2018. It has approx. 2300 actuations and the latest firmware.

The back comes complete with all the packaging and extras as per the photos below. This includes: Tethering Cables, Firewire and USB, Cleaning Kit, Charger, Plugs, International Adapters, Two Batteries, Sync Cable, Manuals, Capture One Pro 7.

The Alpa Kit is a comprehensive outfit consisting of:

Alpa STC Camera Body with Wooden Handgrip
Schneider Kreuznach Apo Digitar  47mm 5.6 XL- 100MC
Schneider Kreuznach Apo Digitar  90mm 4.5 SB
Schneider Kreuznach Apo Digitar  120mm 5.6 MC
Two 34mm spacers (for use with the Short Barrelled lenses)
One 11mm spacer
Alpa Ground Glass and Leather Bellows with Loupe
Mamyia 645 Back Adapter (for use with the Phase One Back)
Mamyia RB67 Back Adapter( for use with a 67 film back)
Alpa Shim Kit
Sync Cable with Wake Up adapter for use with Digital Back

A lot of people have expressed interest in various bits, especially of the Alpa gear however my preferred option would be to sell everything as a complete kit to one (lucky..!) buyer. However I know it’s a lot of money and many people have either existing cameras or backs they are already using so I will also look at separating the Alpa Kit and the Back into two separate lots. Once the back sells I will be more interested in splitting up the various Alpa items into individual components if it does not sell as a kit.

The price for the complete outfit (ALPA Kit + Phase One Back) is USD $29,000
The price for the Phase One Back and Extras is: USD $15,500
The Price for the Alpa Kit is USD $14,500

I will ship world wide at the buyers expense and preferred options (please note any transaction fees or charges are at the buyers expense).
Thanks to everybody who contacted me. Please PM me with any further questions. Happy tho help.
I have also put a lot of extra photos on Dropbox for convenience:

 on: Today at 01:19:36 AM 
Started by Lust4Life - Last post by NickT
From a commercial photography perspective.

Focus to process then output 8 bit Adobe RGB.

I don't need 16 bit because I have done the "heavy lifting" tone shifts if needed in Phocus.

I don't use ProfotoRGB because I don't like editing colors I can't see.

 on: Today at 01:02:25 AM 
Started by MattBurt - Last post by MattBurt
Maybe more sporadic than consistent, but I hope to make it more consistent.

 on: Today at 12:50:28 AM 
Started by dwswager - Last post by pw-pix
Good quick review, you cover some interesting points.

moot = having little or no practical relevance
mute = silent; refraining from speech or utterance

 on: Today at 12:46:49 AM 
Started by kikashi - Last post by David Eckels
I'm with Bill, but since this is in User Critiques, have you considered enhancing the mid-tone contrast (clarity) in the mountains for emphasis. Our eyes are drawn to sharpness that might make them "pop" some. Just a thought.

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