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 on: Today at 02:07:31 AM 
Started by icemane - Last post by icemane
I've set up the Canon Pro-100, and it prints great on matte paper after I changed the printer's color settings to 'manual' (i.e. turning off printer color control).

When I print on Canon brand glossy photo paper, it looks great initially when it comes out of the printer.  However, once the ink dries, the prints show severe color fading (the blacks become grey, blues take on a brownish tint, etc.)

I specify in the print settings that I am using 'Glossy' paper, and again, the prints look perfect when it comes out of the printer.

Any ideas or suggestions on what the issue/solution might be would be much appreciated!

 on: Today at 02:04:46 AM 
Started by Mark F - Last post by Rusty
Create your collection/slideshow with videos and export it as a video not as a slide show/PDF. I did this recently for an event, you can set up the video/slideshow to loop which is what I did so the thing can loop away in the background without interference, maintenance.
I burned mine to a DVD but should work fine on a stick

 on: Today at 01:33:55 AM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Jeff-Grant
Thanks Keith. I have used your test image many times. For a step wedge, I prefer a 21x4 and let QTR average it for me. I've abandoned the thought of using ABW and will use QTR for K3 B&W in the future.

 on: Today at 01:05:48 AM 
Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by Ray
A video interview is a tortuous long winded slow way of conveying information. Mostly our audience doesn't have the time to sit through it. Video is at its best when you are showing your audience something it is difficult to describe with text. Text is quicker for simply telling them stuff.

I often get that impression myself when watching a video tutorial. I can't help thinking, "Get a move on. I haven't got all day. Be more clear and precise. Talk more quickly, and less 'errhhing, uhmming and aahing', please!

With text, one can more easily skip over any parts that one finds unnecessarily basic and spend more time reading and re-reading the difficult bits.

 on: Today at 12:58:18 AM 
Started by alain - Last post by FranciscoDisilvestro

One way to do it (I don't know if it is the best) is to create the additional "Selected files" folders inside the session folder (this is important so everything remains inside the session) using your computer file system. The next step is to add each of those "Selected files" folders to the "Session Favorites" in C1.

- Add also the original "Selected" Folder to the "Session Favorites"

- Now you can select the "Active" Selected files folder by right click (or equivalent) on the desired folder and select "Set as selects folder".

This will be the folder where an image will be moved to when you click Ctrl+J (or the shortcut you have to send images to the Selects folder). You can change this settings as often as you want, the only limitation is that there can be only one "Active" selects folder at a time (as far as I know). The Active Selects folder will have an icon with an arrow in the "Session Favorites"

- To move from one folder to another just drag and drop inside C1 from one folder to another or move to the Active Selects folder

- Do not move the photos outside of C1, because you might lose the corresponding adjustment folders


 on: Today at 12:53:57 AM 
Started by Theodoros - Last post by chrismuc
I am in the similar situation like Theodoros with a Contax 645 system and the efforts to mount on it what ever lens is possible (in my case in order to use with a full frame back).

I considered a conversion or adaption of the Pentax 645 25f4 lens (must be the first version D-FA where the lens shade does not reduce the usable image circle with should be full 56mmx41,5mm) for Contax 645 since quite a time for the same reason that this is the only lens for a 645 mirror reflex system which would achieve a field of view in 135 of a 16mm lens (using a 54mm x 40,5mm digital back). The flange distance of Pentax 645 is 70,87 mm, Contax 645 is 64 mm, so 6,87 mm space for the adaption.

I did not know that there is a mechanical lever to set the aperture, and due to the fact that it anyhow would require to close the lens to f11 to get an acceptable level of corner sharpness, I considered to use the lens fixed stopped down to f11 (by the common method to first attach it to a Pentax 645 camera, set the aperture to f11, press the DOF button and unmount the lens).

From the few full resolution pictures available online by this lens and the 44mmx33mm Pentax 645D/Z camera which already show the corners becoming soft and user reports about rather strong CA and purple fringing towards the corners, I have doubts that the lens corner performance at full 54mmx40,5mm (= 6,25 larger radius of image circle compared to the Pentax 645D/Z sensor) would justify the purchase of the lens and the conversion.
(I never saw a high resolution scan from a picture by the lens on a Pentax 645 film camera that would give an idea of the IQ on full frame 645.)

So my plan ... still ... is to find a Pentax 645 25f4 D-FA at a second hand dealer, go there with my FPS + IQ180 + Pentax 645 - Canon EF adapter and do some test shots. Then we would know the full frame performance of the lens. I don't expect the corner quality of the Canon TSE 24 or even the Rodenstock 23 but it should be hopefully reasonable.)

Or maybe there is an owner/user of that lens in a range of a few hundred kilometer around Munich, then we could meet and do that test together.

A year ago I also contacted the Chinese guy Steel Chen ( who does Contax 645 AF conversions similar to Conorus or Metabones and asked him if he could technically imagine a full auto aperture and auto focus conversion of Pentax 645 lenses to Contax 645 and here is his answer: "I am not familiar with P645 lens, but looks like an AF adaptor shall be possible for P645 D FA lenses. Definitely and easily, but auto-aperture is a little bit trouble, need to be done with an add-in motor in the adapter to drive the aperture open/shrink. Anyway, success possibility of this mission is 70%."

So maybe after confirming the lens performance on a FPS (which has to be proven first) we should put our knowledge and efforts together to make such conversion reality :-)

(As far as I know, the new 28-45 mm lens only covers the 44mmx33mm sensor, so not usable on Contax 645 with full frame sensor.)


 on: Today at 12:43:49 AM 
Started by BobDavid - Last post by BobDavid
just passing by...

 on: Today at 12:26:22 AM 
Started by Alan Klein - Last post by AlterEgo
I ended the GWX in the Processes tab of the Task Manager.  Will it come back?
it shall - I simply deleted it off my PC/Win8.1 (lazy solution)

 on: Today at 12:12:44 AM 
Started by Alan Klein - Last post by Alan Klein
I ended the GWX in the Processes tab of the Task Manager.  Will it come back?

 on: Today at 12:12:39 AM 
Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by John Hollenberg
Having been fortunate enough to have had many really gifted teachers, I have found that they have two things in common - short tempers and high opinions of themselves. 

Not my experience.  Couldn't disagree more.  The really gifted teachers I have had have been brilliant, patient, and good communicators.

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