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 on: Today at 01:14:56 PM 
Started by Theodoros - Last post by Doug Peterson
Sure Doug... whatever... how about talking on the bet instead of avoiding what gets you in the corner?  ;)

Glad to do a test with you whenever you're in NYC. No need for a bet – I don't have much need for a 12 year old Sinar back.

 on: Today at 01:11:06 PM 
Started by N Walker - Last post by N Walker
Since you're on a Mac, you can also print via the ColorSync Utility which has a 'print as color target' mode which does what you want.


I will take a look at this ColorSync option.

 on: Today at 01:09:06 PM 
Started by N Walker - Last post by N Walker
If I remember correctly from when I was doing all this, with this printer on a Mac, when you select application colour management, printer colour management is automatically turned off. Download the Adobe Color Print Utility (ACPU) from the Adobe website and print your profiling targets from that application, making sure to select the correct Media Type in the Print dialog from that application.

Hi Mark,

I have printing test charts from Adobe Color Print Utility (ACPU) for several years.

Today, I downloaded and was experimenting with the i1Profiler application - printing charts directly from its printer profiling module. I will return to using ACPU.

I suppose my question should have been, is it becoming the norm in the printer software/driver for the 'off (no color adjustments)' to no longer be available as an option using Mac OSX?

 on: Today at 12:46:55 PM 
Started by AlterEgo - Last post by digitaldog
Just checked out a demo, it built a nice DNG profile from a Passport but I didn't see much difference between it and a profile I built using X-rite's DNG software last year from the same target. I used the 'photo' not repro mode so this is of course subjective. The GUI needs some work, but no question, it can build a good DNG profile. The X-rite DNG profile is on the bottom, slight difference in blue patch:

 on: Today at 12:26:43 PM 
Started by Theodoros - Last post by Theodoros
Doug... don't make laugh please!  ;D Where is the comparison with an MFDB there? It's another advertising video of yours with people holding cameras in their hands, talking about Phase one etc... You are a minority in the area (to Hasselblad and Sinar multishot) and you know it! It is of course under business laws for one to convince (mostly ignorant) institution representatives as to sell (and then use the stuff to advertise himself) but was there competition present when you did the demo? Was there any comparison?  ...don't make my laugh please! 

Just tell me this... why don't you arrange a test through P1's representative here where one can use alternative stuff and compare? Why did Yair refused the comparison with the Leaf 12RII back three years ago when he suggested (I still have the mails) to bring a back for me to test (with respect to my -at the days- 528c 16x imacon back) and at the last minute he refused the call and suggested for me to travel 50 miles away (to the P1's distributor's place) and only have some shots with the back without comparing it?  Do you know what happened when I tried the same back (the 12RII) a few months later from another of your customers that bought it? Do you want to know? ...i'm sure you don't!  ;)

Please Doug, either provide some comparisons with a multishot back for scanning film, or leave us in peace, or take the call for a bet... You loose your equipment, I loose mine!

I'll be using the following for the bet...
-A sturdy old view camera
-One standard with frame removed and Rollei 6008 (MF) fitted instead
-Schneider 150mm f4.6 APO micro lens fitted on
-Rear standard frame replaced by self made film carrier
-Diffusor glass behind film frame
-Fluorescent 5600K lighting (CRI >97 Osram Dulux L valves) behind the diffusor (and film)
-A self made bellows mounted on the lens on one side and on the film carrier on the other side
-The sinarback 54H back mounted on the Rollei
-Sinar's old Capture shop 6.1.2 software with my own profiling

You use whatever you want...

I'll be shooting the film at 1:1 magnification in 16x multishot mode and do the scanning by moving the standard's side shift and up down shift mechanisms... you do whatever you want... I'm all yours...  ;) ...or leave us in peace and go sell some (rubish for the job) single shot stuff elsewhere!

EDIT: The standard I will be moving for scanning on the film surface is the one that the film carrier is on... Camera will be kept constant for the whole process... Film to be scanned size choice is yours, whatever you want! Focusing on mine will be by using LV through Sinar's software with the focusing aid scale it provides.

Sure Doug... whatever... how about talking on the bet instead of avoiding what gets you in the corner?  ;)

 on: Today at 12:25:01 PM 
Started by darinb - Last post by darinb
Thanks for the ideas and PMs.

I called K&S in Palo Alto and, surprisingly they say they "aren't carrying the big Canon printers anymore." Thus no ink. I'm not sure if they just meant the older 8400/8300 inks or they really aren't carrying any LF Canon printers.

I thought about the place in Emeryville (as suggested) and others but Bay Area traffic is just too painful to endure. :)

I'm checking with my regular sources at Shades of Paper and B&H to see about getting ink here by Friday and just rearranging my schedule...(Shades of Paper just e-mailed as I write, will have it here Friday for a good price).



 on: Today at 12:23:23 PM 
Started by johncells - Last post by johncells
Total print count: 1175 pages

Current ink levels: All Genuine Epson HDR cartridges:

cyan, 150ml, 47%
orange, 150ml, 27%
yellow, 150ml, 58%
light cyan, 350ml 57%
matte black, 350ml, 50%
photo black, 350ml, 60%
vivid magenta, 350ml, 30%
light black, 350ml, 16%
green, 150ml, 26%
light light black, 150ml, 22%
vivid light magenta, 150ml, 32%

Unopened: matte black 350ml 100%

Maintenance tanks:
Left maintenance tank reads 10%, right's at 19%.
I, have two unused maintenance tanks still in their original packaging. These will be included.

I am the first owner.
I bought it from ATLEX in Oct 2010. I have the invoice.

Previous service:
5/4/14 DecisionOne: Left side not recognizing most of the cartridges. Cleaned contacts and applied spacers. Tested printer OK.
9/2/15 DecisionOne:  LCD reports clogged nozzles, need for cleaning, but nozzle print-out was perfect. Replaced wiper assy and reset AID. Tested printer. All nozzles OK.
I have both invoices.

May 25, 2016: Nozzle-check printout—The orange nozzle lacks 100% integrity, even after several cleanings. All other nozzles are at 100%. The printer still has its original print head.

Five new Epson print cartridges inserted May 24, 2016.

Asking price: $2100 OBO
FREE delivery on Long Island or NY metro area. Will need help to remove it from my cargo trailer upon delivery. It takes 4 people to lift it.

 on: Today at 12:22:57 PM 
Started by tom b - Last post by degrub
A few more ideas....

Any photo clubs to advertise at ? Local newspaper ? Local school photography class ?
FMV write off on taxes if donated to a school ?
Fred Miranda ?

 on: Today at 12:21:29 PM 
Started by iCanvas - Last post by deanwork
Are you printing uni-directional or bi-directional? Have you calibrated the printer for linearity or is that done from the factory? The head alignment definitely makes a difference.

 If you are printing uni, that banding would be unacceptable to me, especially with a totally new printhead like that. That is the kind of thing that happens when heads are wearing out.  My friend had that problem with a brand new 9900 and it took Epson months of replacing parts to make it work correctly. Apparently it was some kind of ink pressure issue to the heads. You really shouldn't see that kind of thing at bi-directional either, that with these mature technologies.

If it were me I would have the tech over there sooner rather than later as these kinds of issues typically get worse over time. I'd be on record as having issues in the beginning while still in warranty.

The only reason I would be going for the P10000 would be the extra light light gray. It should be  quite  a noticeable improvement to dimensionality of monochrome in the high values especially and combined with the new black. If not then one would have to wait for QTR to support it. I would love to have one if it does what it is supposed to do, but I'll be waiting for six months at least until the verdict on all this is in.


- I've seen some weird horizontal "banding" problems in black areas approximately 3 inches from the end of sheets, on matte media, printing on 1200dpi. Sort of like what happens when you run out of ink in the middle of a print, you spend 2 minutes changing a cartridge and the printer resumes, but you end up with a cm of uneven shadow areas.. This does not happen with 2400dpi, so I've been using that. I haven't spoken to Epson or researched this issue much further,  because the extra time used for 2400dpi is mostly fine with me.

 on: Today at 12:21:21 PM 
Started by alifatemi - Last post by RikkFlohr
Information regarding this topic can be found on the support forum located here:[id]=16908002#reply_16908002

Adobe is aware and working with the vendor. There is no ETA. Updates will be posted to the thread above.

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