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Started by maxshafiq - Last post by uuglypher
I have seen the various charts and "official ratings" , but have found they vary in minor to significant degrees from what one will find by exposure tests on one's own individual camera or cameras. I'll admit that  It seemed puzzling until I was made aware of the phenomena of "process variance /process excursions" and subsequent "performance variance" that have plagued the semiconductor production iindustry from the time of Shockley's first publication on the topic in, as I recall, 1960 or '61 up to the present day. A study of the history of those phenomena disabused me of the idea that our cameras' image sensors were highly refined devices that deliver Dynamic Range within strictly defined limits.

Anyone willing to personally test the raw-accessible dynamic range of a number of cameras, including multiple cameras of the same brand and model will discover, as a number of us have, that there is considerable variation in the upper limit of DR delivered by ostensibly identical sensors. The camera manufacturers assure that their sensors will deliver at least the DR necessary to at least blow out highlights of JPEG files, but seem uninterested in how much more so-called "headroom" their sensors will deliver. That, of course, makes providing an in-camera raw histogram a pricy option evidently not-to-be-considered, what with how it would boost the per-unit price and all!

What amazes me is that so few have actually done the due diligence of conscientiously testing their cameras for the actual raw-accessible DR they can deliver. It's not hard. certainly not beyond the capabilities of those likely to be participating in these fora. They just need to do it.  Testing my own cameras and those of friends, and participants in classes, courses,  and workshops, I've personally seen a range of of extra raw-accessible DR of from 2/3 stop to two and 2/3 stops, with the great majority of cameras having at least one full stop of unused DR. There are rumors of some cameras with three stop or more of unused DR.

But even one full stop of extra DR is nothing to sneeze at. Failure to use it in raw image data capture results in forfeiture of up to 50% of tonal and chromatic spectra..or more, depending on scene DR. You all should be able to figure out what that amounts to depending upon 12-bit-depth vs. 14 bit-depth.

Best regards,

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I've followed this thread out of curiosity, haven't printed on matte with my 3880 for a long time.  Went to the Red River website and downloaded the 3880 profile for their new Palo Duro Etching paper.  ColorThink shows the black point, using mk ink, to be L=2, which I found amazing.

The Red River description of the paper states it gains its increased black density using a blocking barrier between the ink receptive coat and the underlying base.  So when does a paper quit being a matte and instead becomes a lustre?  Non-encapsulated mk ink depends upon soaking into the base for attachment, how well does it stick to this new stuff?  And are there any other surface effects normally associated with pigment inks sitting in/on a top layer?

Anybody tried this miracle matte paper?

Richard Southworth

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Tiles galore.

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Hey, Phil, funny but I agree with most of what you said above, but we hijacked this thread enough, so let's continue in other threads, if needed.

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I have not had to replace the wiper blade in my 9890 in 5 years of use . It's still in great condition. The reason is I clean it with a cotton lint free glove and distilled after every printing session. I also dampen the cap station at the same time to keep it from drying out and loosing its shape. Compared to my thermal head printers these Epson wiper blades are flimsy and cheap as is the dinky little capping station. But with this kind of maintenance they can possibly last the life of the printer.

Go into Service Mode
Choose "Mecha Adjustment"
Choose "PG Adj." - The display will read "Un Cap"
Push the "OK" button

This will release the head off of the capping station and allow you to gently move it to the left out of the way.

Power off the printer.
Replace wiper, clean flushing box, clean capping station, etc. as needed.
Ensure there are no obstructions inside the printer carriage area (left over swabs etc.)
Close front lid, power on.
The head will seek to the home position and then the printer will startup as usual.

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From PetaPixel

New Online Archive Lets You Explore the First 100 Years of European Photos

Quote[/b] has launched a searchable online gallery of more than 2 million historical photographs, which catalog the first 100 years of photography in Europe.

Over 50 European institutions from 34 countries have contributed photographs to the collection, which were sourced from photographic archives, agencies and museum collections across Europe.

The Europeana Photography project is being led by PHOTOCONSORTIUM, the International Consortium for Photographic Heritage. The non-profit aims to promote and enhance the culture of photography and photographic heritage.

The 2,296,517 photos in the collection can be filtered by the providing country, institution, and usage license. Many of the images are Public Domain.

Pretty cool!

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This graph allows you to compare and see the differences between dozens of cameras, including the Nikon D810, Hasselblad X1D, GFX 50s, etc.

I have no idea how accurate, but for the cameras I know, it seems right on the money. It shows how close the Nikon D810 is to the new medium-format mirrorless camers.,Nikon%20D5,Sony%20ILCE-9,Sony%20ILCE-9(ES)

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A follow up from Macron...

Macron says his white-knuckle handshake with Trump was a 'moment of truth'

PARIS (AP) French President Emmanuel Macron says his now famous white-knuckle handshake showdown with U.S. counterpart Donald Trump was "a moment of truth" designed to show that he's no pushover.

Macron told a Sunday newspaper in France that "my handshake with him, it wasn't innocent."

Macron added: "One must show that you won't make small concessions, even symbolic ones, but also not over-publicize things, either."


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Started by Schewe - Last post by Farmer
Again, not sure if you deliberately pretend that you do not see the difference or you genuinely do not understand it. I also provided several other reasons, besides business (e.g., Iran), but you latch onto just one. You are now putting me in a position to appear to defend a country and society/ideology that I despise on many levels, but here it goes:

There is a difference between a government and (some of) its people. There are Americans that fight alongside ISIS or commit terrorist acts on their behalf. Do we blame American government for that? SA clearly denounces terrorism (at least officially):

"Saudi Arabia declares Muslim Brotherhood 'terrorist group'"

We do not know for sure if SA is saying one thing and secretly doing something else. We do know they are actively peddling wahhabi teachings, with its medieval (original) interpretations of the Muslim faith, the same one that serves as a justification for ISIS. Their defense might be the difference between words and actions, i.e., they are encouraging wahhabi faith, not wahhabi terrorism. Just like here, where you are free to say whatever you want, but not free to act on it.

In other words, dealing with SA is a complex and complicated balancing act. By the way, that goes way beyond Trump, through both Dem and Reps administrations, for decades.

I totally agree with what you're saying above, but how do you reconcile that with the simplistic support of just banning all Muslims or calling the whole religion bad (unless you want to call all religions bad, in which case different discussion)?

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Started by Michael Erlewine - Last post by BernardLanguillier
Where was that rumour published?

If true this would confirm my suspiscion that Nikon doesn't understand why they are successful...


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