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 on: Today at 05:24:38 PM 
Started by hasselbladfan - Last post by eronald
It's rather, "why they weren't doing the same..." Agreed... Go figure! My guess is with the answer "because products where designed by marketeers instead of photographers & engineers working together..." Never the less, one can't help to notice that P1 is completely the other way around... They sleep in the "marketing nirvana" of the past years.... Unless if they wake up, I can see them having big trouble to compete soon... pity... They don't listen... they are based on the fanboy base they've created (like Hassy was until 3 years ago) and think that they can rely on that... It's explainable... they luck past experience!

P1 have dealers who can sell ice to eskimos; that gives them a lot of flexibility. :)


 on: Today at 05:21:25 PM 
Started by JoeKitchen - Last post by eronald
You should describe your bandwidth issues to some guy who does deployment for big companies; there are ways to mirror stuff out so that people get to see it fast.

Thank you for posting some very interesting info.


I have clients that want to see an edit in some form of HD (which covers a lot of territory) usually from their home, on an I-pad.

They always call and say "it won't play" and I always say give it 10 minutes or more.

10 minutes to a client is like 10 days, so  . . .

In the end it will all get there but right now the web bandwidth we all receive is variable.



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Started by madshutter - Last post by madshutter
Cappadocia's hoodoos, or Fairy Chimneys, have very different shapes and forms according to the area where you find them. Some are stout and strong-looking, some are more elongated in shape and elegant: among the most elegant that I have found is the group of hoodoos that inspired The Procession, the image featured here.

With the Pentax 645D and the Pentax 67 45mm; a polariser, grad NDs and a solid ND have been used. Thank you for viewing! Best,


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Started by ChrisS - Last post by Rob B.

I think that to a large degree to appreciate natural beauty is a learned thing -- except with girls. That's a survival of the race thing.

Please can you clarify what was meant:

1. Natural beauty exists of its own accord but it takes time for people to learn this, or;

2. For as-yet unstated reason(s), with time, people attribute beauty to the natural world, or;

3. Other?

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Started by churly - Last post by churly
The texture of the water is something we don't often see. The distant plants keep our eyes coming back in. I like it.

Thanks Scott.

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Started by roscoetuff - Last post by GrahamBy
Just discovered something interesting with my pro-100 : if it runs an ink tank dry, it does not stop printing.

Usually I over-ride the "no ink" warning for a few more prints, at which stage the ink tank itself is dry but the foam filled section still looks to have ink halfway up.
Tonight the GY was in that state, and the next print out had fairly obviously been printed without the grey... it looked sort of solarized, since LGY and BK were both there but not the mid-tones (it was a B&W print). Swapped in a new tank and the next print was fine.

So don't expect the printer to give you a last chance to change...

 on: Today at 03:13:47 PM 
Started by David Eckels - Last post by David Eckels
How cool is that, Slobodan? And, it's not even technically perfect!

 on: Today at 03:09:32 PM 
Started by ChrisS - Last post by RSL
I agree with you Rob. The thing that always strikes me about what we see as beauty is what I've read about pioneers on the North American Continent. If I can believe what I read, in those days people didn't see landscapes as beautiful. They saw them as threatening. Going through the woods was scary, and the mountains were terrifying. It wasn't until much later, when things had settled down, that people began to visualize landscape as beautiful. I think that to a large degree to appreciate natural beauty is a learned thing -- except with girls. That's a survival of the race thing.

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Started by Rob C - Last post by Wolfman
Try this link:   fantastic gathering

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Started by BobDavid - Last post by graeme
#2 is fantastic.

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