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I have used DcamProf to generate DCP profiles based on DT's test shots for the IQ360, Credo 50 and Sony A7rII. This should shed some light on the following questions:

  • Would CMOS or CCD give similar colour rendition with the adequate profiles?
  • Do MFD and A7 sensors have different CFA-s

It should be noted that there was "hue shift discontinuity" problem generating the IQ360 profile.

LR CC was used for these conversion but I may look into using C1 in a few days.

Here the IQ360 represents a DALSA CCD sensor while Credo 50 is a representant for the Sony CMOS based MFDB-s.

So, what I do see?

To me it seems that the IQ-360 produces some more saturated colour than the others, at least on the orange and the shaft on the brush. The Sony A7rII and the Credo seem to be very close.

Best regards

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Just there only good coverage was past the third tunnel on 140, otherwise you need SAT phone!. I'm also glad people can't use cell phones very easily because it would cause casualties.

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Defunct auto repair shop

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It is so subjective. When two people disagree about whether or not something is beautiful, can one be more right than the other?
Is beauty in the thing or is it us projecting our perception onto it?

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While I am aware that the majority of Lr users rarely, if ever, export to a Ps Droplet ...

I think you might be surprised how many people use droplets. I use them a lot and I know a good many others who also use them.

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Me too.

Very fine.


 on: April 30, 2016, 10:48:36 PM 
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Does anyone know where I can get a lens profile for my Tokina 11-20mm f/2.8. My camera RAW app and CS6 don't have a profile for it. I've gone to Tokina's website but no profiles available.

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bump it

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I can't even get a connection on my Verizon dumb phone in most Yosemite areas.

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