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 on: Today at 12:15:13 PM 
Started by Rob C - Last post by Slobodan Blagojevic
... I was on a whale watching expedition...

Apparently ;)

 on: Today at 12:15:06 PM 
Started by Kevin Raber - Last post by Fred Ragland
Our trust in you was special indeed.

 on: Today at 12:04:42 PM 
Started by PeterAit - Last post by Zorki5

Here, have a look:

How should someone, who punched cards in his University days, and for whom Windows 3.11 (a.k.a. Windows for Workgroups) was freakin' bleeding edge, feel about that?

Nothing but a broad smile   :D

 on: Today at 11:53:58 AM 
Started by Brad P - Last post by Dan Berg
If you have one of the commercial units, I think Keencut you should get perfect edges. Clean up the sharp edges with a file.
I use gatorboard for everything that goes in a frame.
We use dibond for larger panos and dibond only when it is not framed.
I have a cabinet shop and really need the edge sander for it.
Might be overkill for you as it is a $3,000 machine.
Look into the aluminum edge strips from Harbor Sales in Md. if you live in the USA. (Profile?)
They are great for the sides, no edge work necessary. You can just lightly file the top and bottom edges for safety, no one can see them.
Can also make a nice little frame like the one on the right.
I personally like one strip on either side then a standout frame attached to the back.

 on: Today at 11:45:58 AM 
Started by Rob C - Last post by Ray
Ray, there are many factors that affect both mortality and natality rates overall. It still doesn't change my claim that a subsection of the overall population that is young, healthy, and in good shape is more likely to mate, in any society.

I can't disagree that being young and healthy is a solid basis for mating. When one is young, the sexual urge is stronger. However, insecure societies, and societies dominated by religious fanaticism prohibiting the use of contraceptives for birth control, are likely to breed more.

I'd love to get into deep philosophical discussions about such matters, but I think I might be treading on dangerous ground.

Other factors might diminish that or even negate it. The sad trend, however, is that the advanced countries are becoming increasingly obese, to the point that, in a few years, the obese will become a majority in the States. That both increases the mortality and decreases the chance of mating. Which, in turn, only increases the need to drown the sorrow in more food.

There's a similar situation in Australia. When I go shopping with my partner in local supermarkets, I'm often amazed at the extreme obesity of certain individuals I encounter.
I would like to do a photographic project on obesity, but knowing how people are very sensitive about any attention being drawn to their overweightedness, I'm not sure how I could approach the subjects to get them to accept my photographing them.

I'm imagining situations like my introducing myself by saying, "Wow! You are so amazing! I've never seen anyone so wonderfully large. Do you mind if I photograph you?"

Anyway, since this is a photography forum, I think I should show one of my photos from my archives, taken several years ago, relevant to the topic.
I was on a whale watching expedition on the east coast of Australia. A couple of the passengers on the boat were very obese. I photographed them, and they didn't mind (so please don't censor this photo, moderators).  ;)

I have to say that this photo was more interesting to me than the subsequent shots I took of whales jumping out of the sea.  ;D

 on: Today at 11:45:05 AM 
Started by Aynsley Cooper - Last post by Aynsley Cooper
Thank you all for these rapid and helpful responses.
Some food for thought all around.
Aynsley :)

 on: Today at 11:42:38 AM 
Started by stamper - Last post by graeme
Great work as usual Stamper.

If the 3 lights are pissing you off get rid of them ( or darken them down a bit ). The choice you make will be different from another forum member's decision - which is cool otherwise our work would all look the same.

Bob has a point about the padlock.


 on: Today at 11:41:34 AM 
Started by fotogrphr - Last post by fotogrphr
Thanks again for the info.

That's a Russian forum, and unfortunately Google Translate isn't quite doing a decent job. By chance, I just discovered that that seller has an Ebay listing as well (item 282026025084).

A couple of LuLa forum members that have medium format systems of the type I am looking for lying around, have PM'ed me. I am hopeful that one of those deals might work out. If not, I will reach out to this Russian seller.


 on: Today at 11:38:43 AM 
Started by stamper - Last post by Zorki5
Wow! This must be a first: Five comments so far, and all seem to be suggesting that Robert's image isn't quite contrasty enough.

I'll have to agree that the silhouette idea appeals to me. A fine image either way.

+1 (to both lines :) )

 on: Today at 11:30:17 AM 
Started by Aynsley Cooper - Last post by TonyW
I do not think it possible to cross grade other than from currently supported Adobe products.

Therefore I suspect your only option to the CC route is to install VMware e.g. Parallels to run Windows on your Mac and then install CS4

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