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 on: Today at 08:57:30 PM 
Started by GregCollings - Last post by GregCollings
Hi All,
I posted this message on DPreview 3wks ago and received no answers, so thought I would try here too. Apologies if you have seen this twice:

I have been using Digital Image Mover (DIM) for quite some time to rename my image files to something meaningful in terms of date and time taken and putting them in folders based on year and month. It is brilliant. However, some time ago I made the mistake of converting huge numbers of RAW files into DNG files using Adobe DNG Converter. BIG MISTAKE. Even bigger mistake to delete all the original RAW files. Subsequently, when I went to rename and move the DNG files I discovered that DIM (versions 4 and 5) will not read the metadata correctly of DNG files and consequently names the file using the Date modified (a file attribute rather than metadata which applies to when the DNG file was created) rather than the original Date Image Captured (which is there and is readable by some but not all programs).  I have now ceased converting to DNG but still have huge numbers of files which I either need to have renamed and sorted to "by month" folders by something other than DIM, OR I need a program which CAN read the Date Image Captured and change the Date Modified to match this (then I can use DIM which will work on the new Date Modified). With such a large number of files, it would need to batch process.  Any suggestions?...please..

Incidentally I cannot fault DIM for anything except these files - it is free and brilliant and the maker has done his very best to sort my issue but no luck so far.

 on: Today at 08:53:28 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Jeff-Grant
I just solved the System Level. Apple had changed the Profiles folder permissions along the way. At least that was easy.

 on: Today at 08:42:11 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Jeff-Grant
I know what you mean about thin limbs. I am on El Cap 10.11.6 and Advanced but System Level is not selectable. that changed at some update along the way. I can live with that minor inconvenience.

I could never expect more than what you have advised, thanks again.

 on: Today at 08:37:27 PM 
Started by ltnmzh - Last post by ltnmzh
Hi all

Someone offered me a Sinar eMotion75 digital back.  Upon inspection I noticed something strange with the color balance.

The color balance is set to daylight in the menu on the digital back (there is no auto color balance). The pictures I have taken seem to show up with wrong color balance on the back's LCD screen.   I copied the raw files (.IA files) from the CF card to my computer and tried to use Iridient Developer and RawTherapee open them.

In Iridient Developer:

In RawTherapee:

All using default values. Notice the greenish color in RawTherapee.  Tint value in Iridient Developer seems strangely high.  Once I drag it to 0,  it turns as green as in RawTherapee.   And there are pictures came out with same green color shift in Iridient Developer too. like this

Sinar CaptureFlow doesn't seem to support opening raw files (I'm looking at using the back in the field so tethering isn't an option anyway).  Neither Lightroom nor Capture One supports the raw format,  so Iridient Developer and RawTherapee are the only options.

Any thoughts?   I'm not familiar with backs of this age. Is it normal?   I'm worried that, though fixable to certain degree in post processing, the green channel on the back may have problems,  and could result in clipping or lose of dynamic range in certain scenarios.

Also does the back support LiveView via the LCD (not tethered)?  Can't seem to make it work.

Raw files can be downloaded here:

 on: Today at 08:32:33 PM 
Started by jodo - Last post by jodo
Thanks for sharing your experience E.J. I've used the spot tool successfully thru four versions starting with six. Pity it's not working now as I need it for blemishes.

 on: Today at 08:22:43 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Mark D Segal
Thanks Mark. So there are no hidden gotchas with Xrite profiling in the latest version? Any idea of how to get System Level saving?

To say that there are no hidden gotchas in this poorly documented piece of software with its dreadful GUI and sometimes buggy behaviour would be hanging out on quite a thin limb. But I'm confident in what I have advised so far! :-) I do have access to System Level saving using the latest version of i1Profiler in "Advanced" Mode (a tiny radio button on the far right of the Home screen, about mid-way down) on Mac OS El Capitan.

 on: Today at 08:15:41 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Jeff-Grant
Thanks Mark.

 on: Today at 08:13:56 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by digitaldog
Thanks Mark. I understand the concept only too well. What I am asking is the state of play with i1P today. I have been caught in the past by what i1P is supposed to do and reality. As an example, in an earlier version M0,M1 and M2 all produced the same measurements.
Capture all, build a profile from each, pick the one you prefer. Also see:

 on: Today at 08:12:45 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Jeff-Grant
Thanks Mark. So there are no hidden gotchas with Xrite profiling in the latest version? Any idea of how to get System Level saving?

 on: Today at 08:08:43 PM 
Started by Jeff-Grant - Last post by Mark D Segal
The measurements look very close but the profiles behave differently, and yes, there are gamut differences between them, but tends to be small. For example if you are using a paper containing an OBA and you make an M1 and an M2 profile, the M2 may have a slightly smaller gamut than the M1. In terms of profiling accuracy, which to my mind is a bigger deal than small differences of gamut, it is best to select the correct "M" relative to the paper at hand - does make some difference.

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