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 on: Today at 04:25:09 PM 
Started by printbreakr - Last post by Mark D Segal
Maybe you've seen my story of the friend who inherited my 3800, left it unused for close to two years; we switched it on, and after two rounds of nozzle cleaning (no power clean) it was printing quite well. Considering how far out of date the inks were and all that elapsed time, it was kind of surprising. I nonetheless recommended that he reprofile the printer or update the inks, because not all aspects of colour reproduction were spot-on. But hey....

Anyhow Andrew, do you keep your 3880 in a humidified room, or does it sit in single-digit humidity? Epson specs do say a minimum of 20% for these printers.

 on: Today at 04:13:27 PM 
Started by printbreakr - Last post by digitaldog
Me with the climate issues dry humidity issues, my 3880 died Epson told me beciase of the dry climate.
Pretty dry here in Santa Fe (usually well into single digits). My 3880 can go months without a clog, I don't think I can count on one hand the number of times I've had one. The 4900? Clogged every other day.

 on: Today at 04:13:01 PM 
Started by stamper - Last post by Manoli
Quite. The comments others have made on the petition make my point.

No, they really don't. Even a cursory review of the news reports would have indicated the seriousness and depth of ill-feeling that this was to generate. So all it shows, at best, is a rather superficial glossing over the real 'rub'.

If what he did was illegal (and I've seen nothing to suggest that it, as opposed to what his guides did, was in fact illegal), then he should be prosecuted; and the penalty, if he is convicted, should be appropriate.

The Zimbabwean Parks Authority statement says it all : “The rules are clear in Zimbabwe that no protected lions should be hunted. Both the professional hunter and landowner had no permit or quota to justify the offtake of the lion and therefore are liable for the illegal hunt”

According to a police spokeswoman, If convicted, the men face up to 15 years in prison. Palmer also faces poaching charges,  “We arrested two people and now we are looking for Palmer in connection with the same case,” she said.

Cecil was shot with a bow (by Palmer), injured, pursued for close on 40 hours then shot, skinned, beheaded – and finally attempts were made to hide the GPS collar. Not exactly the innocent acquiescence of a naÏf.

For the manner and duplicity of the crime (again, if he's convicted) - I'd say 15 years without parole, in a Zimbabwean jail sounds about right. That he's also got previous 'form' for similar crimes should, of course, not be considered in the sentencing for this one. But it certainly does no harm in appeasing any thoughts about a miscarriage of justice.

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Started by Frans Waterlander - Last post by digitaldog
Have any of you seen similar issues with NEC monitors and what was the cause and solution? And for the wise-cracks out there, using the monitor at a luminance different from 105 nits is not a solution.
No! And yes, that's a very good solution considering that NEC told you what to do. There's absolutely nothing special or necessary about 105 nits. Especially if it causes this so called flicker. IF NEC suggests 115, use it, what difference is 10 nits doing to make (slightly adjust print viewing conditions of that's such a problem going a tad higher).

Or return the display.

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Started by eronald - Last post by Paul2660
Some of the original Kodak backs already had flip-up screens.

A Canon rep explained to me why their pro bodies do not have the flip-out screens which video guys love, while the consumer models do:

Rental houses hate flip screens, they are the first thing to break. They *demand* cameras without flipouts.

Phase has a big rental market no flip screens on breakaway arms.

No flip-up turns a focus check on a tripod into a nightmare when shooting waist-high, especially, with middle aged eyes and the wonderful P-series screens - although of course waist-high is eye-level for a troll Smiley


Personally I can't believe that Canon or Nikon pro body design, is being driven by the "rental" market.  If so, then that is a sad state of affairs. 

I also can see how a true flip out screen, like the one on the Canon Rebel or Sony A99(wonderful design) might be a liability for a rental house, but to me that's their issue.  What would be the numbers?, i.e. sold to a single rental house or all the independent consumers?  I would tend to think the latter.  But the traditional flip out screen, like used by the P645z or Sony A7r, to be would be a vast improvement vast.  For as you point out unless you are the height of a troll and want to work down low, most pro bodies screen with no movement are taxing.  Especially when you are over 50. 

If Phase would just enable a flip out screen on the IQ back, that would be a huge advantage.  Now is the time to design, so say they allowed for a screen lock?  That would a nice feature. 

Oh well.


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Started by Chris Calohan - Last post by MattBurt
Is that your grandson on the left? I thought that was a female (not that it really matters).
Anyway that person's hand in front of their face doesn't work for me. I want to see some expression or at least more features.

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Started by kikashi - Last post by MattBurt
Looks more like a "#1" gesture than something rude. I can imagine the thumb on the right and we are looking at the back of the hand.
Cool image either way. We have a rock formation near here that's infamous for being interpreted as phallic.

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Started by stamper - Last post by Misirlou
I happen to have hunted animals on occasion, for the sole purposes of eating them. Never once for obtaining any kind of trophy. I only went after species that were so plentiful as to need human culling, since the creatures that naturally preyed upon them had long since been eliminated from the areas in question. In one case, I was in a survival situation, and trapped a few small ground squirrels, which turned out to be the basis for perhaps the most unpleasant soup I've ever tasted.

My personal feeling is that anyone who regularly eats meat should strongly consider hunting once, or at the least "cleaning" an animal, so you get the fullest possible understanding of what it means to kill another creature with the intention of consuming it. I'm sure some will be terribly outraged by that, and I certainly accept that as your prerogative.

At any rate, one of my great uncles (who passed away in the early 1960s) was in fact a trophy hunter. He was a sort of Teddy Roosevelt kind of character, and passed away in the early 1960s. He'd grown up in a remote, mountainous wilderness where hunting was a form of survival, but eventually made a small fortune operating heavy equipment, and thus had the means to travel the world in search of trophy game. Despite his wealth in later years, he still hunted during legal seasons. He was particularly fond of squirrel meat, something I'll never understand.

Being a trophy guy, he had a strong relationship with a local taxidermist. For reasons lost to history, he had the taxidermist mount one of his squirrels in a human stance; sitting as if on a chair or something. I don't really know why, but his wife sewed a little suit for it too, and thus began one of the strangest projects I've ever encountered. Eventually, they constructed a large diorama "squirrel wedding." I believe there are about 100 squirrels and chipmunks in it, each dressed in their finest Sunday outfit. There are elaborately crafted pews for each row of guests, complete with tiny hymnals. There's a full carriage, ring bearers, you get the picture.

My family is still in possession of this bizarre artifact. It was once featured on the cover for an album by a well-known punk rock band, and a famous documentary film maker is in the early stages of filming a feature about it. Really.

 on: Today at 03:57:32 PM 
Started by stamper - Last post by Riaan van Wyk
I find the killing and the petition pretty much equally disturbing.

And so I find the hysterical petition to be disturbing.

If only the same focus could be on the 1251 rhinos that were poached in 2014 in South Africa and the 393 up to April this year that is on the one lion or polar bear that was shot somewhere in the world it would maybe make some slight difference to the rhino population that is fast disappearing here.

 on: Today at 03:46:17 PM 
Started by sgwrx - Last post by sgwrx
i didnt think of starting off with the exposure slider first, then tweaking the curves.  good idea!

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