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 on: Today at 02:30:44 PM 
Started by Eric Myrvaagnes - Last post by Eric Myrvaagnes
I am closing out my Canon gear, having moved to a lighter-weight Sony. All in excellent condition, I'm asking about half what I expect KEH would sell them for.
   Canon 5D Mark II body, with RRS L-bracket, 3 batteries and 1 charger.      Asking  $450
   24-105/4 L IS zoom lens, with caps and hood                                                         310
   17-40/4 L zoom lens, with caps and hood                                                              260
   100/2.8 Macro USM, with caps and hood                                                               195

I'll sell the whole package for $1200, which will include several CF cards (which don't fit my Sony).

The 24-105 has been my walk-about lens with the 5DII, probably accounting for 90% of the photos taken with this body.
The 17-40 was my walk-about camera for my Canon 10D.

I live in Newton, MA, U.S.A. PM me if you are interested and live close enough to want to inspect them or try them out in person.
I will add the actual cost of shipping (plus insurance) if they need to be shipped.


 on: Today at 02:29:59 PM 
Started by rick_k - Last post by Mark D Segal
The specific way this works in the Pro-1000 is as follows. Applies only to gloss, semi gloss, luster media. You may either clear coat the entire page including margins, or only to areas that have some level of contrast the printer can detect.  In this case white and near white areas are not coated. You select the option in Print Studio Pro. It is not meant primarily for dealing with gloss differential though it contributes to mitigating it if you coat the whole page. The main intent is to optimize chroma as the name implies.

 on: Today at 02:28:57 PM 
Started by biker - Last post by Rob B.

...when I change focal length I'll change position...

That's not what Jack Dykinga advises to his workshop students.

 on: Today at 02:23:40 PM 
Started by Guillermo Luijk - Last post by Doug Gray
Could you show 100% crops Doug? would be interesting to see.



I don't actually use target images with sharp lines or edges but rather a specialized image with superimposed sine waves below Nyquist that increase in spacial frequency and I typically photograph them so that I get response magnitudes of 10, 20,30, ... 70 lpmm. I take a raw picture then process it using dcraw -4 -D -T  to produce a linear gray scale image w/o CFA interpolation. The individual RGGB plane pixels are rescaled to the image white and black points then the data is analyzed using FFTs.

My main use of this was an industrial QC setting where I could use the responses at the frame corners to determine the precise perpendicularity of the sensor plane to sub micron precision. I've adapted it to look at motion blur since it produces nice, quantifiable numbers and identifies a principal motion axis as well.

I'll dig out a center sample of the target and a couple shots when I get a chance.

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Started by landscapephoto - Last post by eronald
When I interviewed Stephen Eastwood some years ago, who was moderately well known as a fashion/beauty photographer, he told me he had 3 people somewhere (India? ) just to scan through his email, as he got a lot of it and could not afford to lose potential work. A million followers, if you're a working stiff, will probably generate about 1K messages. Of course, if you are "famous" you don't care about these messages as you are above the fray, as a supernatural being.


There are many photographers who use Instagram as a promotion channel. An example is mustafaseven with 1.5 million followers. With this amount of followers, marketers will be interested in your Instagram stream. Celebrities streams will still be more valuable, though.

There are a few consequences, though. First, Instagram is not really a user generated site any more. Under a few 100K followers, you are not significant and to get that amount of followers one has to approach the problem as a professional: the sheer number of pictures which must be posted regularly and the time taken to respond to post and promote the stream makes it an almost full time job. Second, it is a process that leaves little artistic freedom: because one needs to post a continuous stream of pictures and because the source of the pictures must be immediately recognised, successful instagrammers usually concentrate on a single subject and a few processing types, making running their stream a largely automated process.

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Started by Larry Heath - Last post by framah
Very nice, Larry!!! 2 thumbs up!!

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Started by biker - Last post by Isaac
...changes field of view alone. It has no effect on the relative size of objects that featured in the previous field of view.

Yes, and when I change focal length I'll change position to keep the same objects in the field of view, and that will change perspective.

 on: Today at 02:01:53 PM 
Started by Lust4Life - Last post by Joe Towner
Are any of your internal drive SSDs?

I'd also check if you're using USB3 yet -

I'm tempted to say keep an eye out for a Mid-2010 that works for you to migrate to.  Even with adding RAM, new SSD drives and a video card, you're way under the cost of a baseline trash can.  The Mid-2012 is identical shy of the procs, which are minimal difference, and should be about the same price.

Components are cheap, and while the SSD(s) would need a new tray, would move from your 2008 to the 2010/2012.  The SSD would also work in a USB3 enclosure with any other Mac.  So hold off on the RAM, upgrade to a SSD (1tb from link above with adapter tray is $529) and add the USB3 ($60) and see how it runs.  If you did the adapter tray on its own ($50) and added your own SSD ($325 for a Crucial 1tb), you can save a bit, though compatibility may be an issue.

As for the trash can, nothing you do would tax the current model, which will hit the clearance bin once the next one is announced.  The current pricing is really out of wack, given the age of the technology.  At this point I can only recommend waiting until it's announced, since your luck would be to purchase a week before announcement.

 on: Today at 01:49:58 PM 
Started by biker - Last post by SZRitter

If you move location, yes.

If you remain in the same location, no.

Funny, I was just about to reply to you when you added this. Basically, yes. It's a question of the purpose of the photo. I often have an object I am highlighting, so I need to pay attention to how it is rendered in relation to the background.

 on: Today at 01:42:49 PM 
Started by biker - Last post by Rob B.

I guess you're bothered by the phrasing?


...zooming from 28mm to 200mm...

...changes field of view alone. It has no effect on the relative size of objects that featured in the previous field of view.


...take two objects, let's say a person and the mountain, where the person is obviously standing in front of the mountain, and they stay constant/similar size in the frame. If I use a wide angle, the mountain will look really small, but if I use a normal or longer length, the mountain will look pretty large. Makes sense, right?

If you move location, yes.

So, just zooming alters this relationship of near to far objects produced by FOV...

If you remain in the same location, no.

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