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Title: Are apps for your camera "equipment"?
Post by: dreed on August 21, 2012, 06:47:06 AM
The current rumors for Nikon are that their next set of Coolpix cameras will be Android. This suggests to me that it will be capable of supporting apps being added to it, even if that isn't explicitly mentioned thus far.
The upcoming Sony NEX-5R is rumored to support apps but no mention is made of what the camera will run (will it also be Android?)

The ground for this has already been paved with names such as "Magic Lantern" (for various Canon cameras.)

But if I may put the cart before the horse, which forum does (or should) discussion on camera apps fit into?
Will apps count as "equipment" for cameras, in the same way as tripods?
Or will they be something else?

All that I know is I'm really excited by this move as it finally opens up the field of software development for cameras so that we are no longer limited by whatever metering modes, etc, the manufacturers deliver us!
Title: NEX 5R and NEX 6 leaked?
Post by: DaveL on August 21, 2012, 11:32:22 AM
There is interest shown at dprview in the sony nex talk forums.  Here's a link--

It attempts to show leaked photos of these two cameras. The source is Sony Alpha Rumors