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Post by: Ailan on November 29, 2008, 12:21:45 PM
Hi, first of all I think CS4 has some great features and improvements, and the reason Im posting is because I want to use it. Theres a few things im trying to do though that i used to in CS3, and havnt found how. Already went though a few CS4 online training videos and none.
So if you know please HELP, if you know if CS4 doesnt allow it anymore. Please let me know. many thanks!

1. In curves, I use to toggle from one point in the curve to another with control + tab, how can I do this with CS4?

2. On CS3 I went to the layers pallete, and under pallete options I unchecked the "Use Default masks on adjustements". But now on CS4 it has a different option and no way that I can find to get rid of those darn white/blank masks. Is this option somewhere else? Or Adobe got rid of it and Im stuck to those masks or having to delete them by the dozen?

3. In CS3 I used a lot to drag the cursor over the image and know where in the curve I will be affecting. In CS4 I cant seem to be able to do that but by turning on that new feature to drag the adjustement curve from the image (which is nice) but if its the only way to do this (not sure of this) how can I leave that new feature on by default? and not have to turn it on with every curve i create.
4. The brush tool in quick mask mode with the Wacom tablet (dont know if without it)  sometimes for no reason semi freezes, not letting me airbrush, but only spot brush in an intermittent malfunctioning way. The only way Ive been able to get rid of this is saving the image, restarting photoshop and its gone.

5. Is there a way to leave the new future on the curves dialog box on? The one with which one can make asjutments on the image itself? Or to leave the eye dropper on by default on curves?

I will leave it here in the meanwhile.

Many thanks and your responses will be greatly appreciated!

Post by: Ailan on November 30, 2008, 02:32:24 PM
Hi, again,

For anyone that wants to know, a very nice fellow in other forum answered a couple of my questions:

1. To toggle use the + or - buttons. No need for extra control or command, etc buttons.

3. Need to use the eye dropper tool, and command key plus click and drag.

havent gotten an answer for 2 and 4 yet.